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65KS9500 New Firmware 1242 - Issues with firmware


The new update of Samsung KS series 7000--->9800!!!
Fw 1242 update completely destroys the game mode. Test it in game mode local dimming test in youtube. The black color is now gray. What the .... is this update?? Why destroy samsung Ks series??? I have UE65KS9505. This model in Usa UN65KS9800. This model is FALD local dimming one of the best black level on samsung model with 150 local dimming zones. This model was at that time the most expensive Samsung TV. Please help us who have this TV!! Samsung cannot do this to destroy thousands of dollars of TVs.
Test your KS series tv's to see the problem. Ks7000--->Ks9800.
Need to report to Samsung so we know about the problem and they fix it. Don't ruin our TV!


I'm glad I searched before updating. 


So why is it the update list mentions nothing about picture quality changes? 

In pervious updates this was the case as well.  Changes were made in various areas that caused me issues that were not even listed as being changed.


How the hell is anyone supposed to make an informed decision about updating or not without accurate update information being disclosed by Samsung ???


This coupled with the fact the system forces you to only upgrade - you can't load any firmware version I choose means that updates are like playing Russian roulette with multi thousand dollar hardware. 


This screams class action lawsuit for anyone who has been affected by an update causing the hardware to function inappropriately.  


It is proof that Samsung is, like has been suggested, being set up to stop working as advertised when it was sold.  


Unless Samsung makes it possible to downgrade and they give details on each upgrade that is included in the 'update available' message, and is given complete detail online, they are setting themselves up for a huge lawsuit .


The update was sent some time ago, and not a single response from Samsung on this thread?? 


Anyone else agree? 


I have tried to report problems to Samsung in a lot of places and have referenced this topic to see there are many of us who notice a bug. I was able to write to Korean developers who may have started investigating the case, but I’m not sure there will be any improvement in that either. I link to the Korean support page and there you can also refer to this topic to get to them that there are many of us in this Samsung community. Use a translator because the page is not in English.

I recommend this site because it’s the parent company and maybe they take it all more seriously than in other countries because I haven’t received an encouraging response from anywhere to work on a solution and repair. 

Regardless, write to them on several websites so that they can see the global problem!

I wish you good health and a nice day!


Is there any chance to fix this bad local diming in the service menu?


Unfortunately it can't be changed there either. The error is deeper in the software. I've tried everything but nothing. There is a hidden menu in the service menu and you can set local dimming there but that doesn't change it either.

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