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2x thick black lines running vertical on screen of TV

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image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegHi just wondering if anyone can help , purchased a UE49KU6670 tv 8 months ago everything working fine until the other day noticed the thick shadow lines running vertically down the screen


Hi @KevT.


If the lines are appearing on all sources and (when all other devices have been disconnected) the picture test, then I'd advise getting in touch with the TV Support team to arrange an engineer visit.

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I bought my curved 65"TV a year and three months ago and now have the same exact line in almost the same location. Called Samsung and they gave me the cold shoulder, I cant beleive they would treat their customers like this. #Neversamsung


Were you able to find out what the problem was?



i got in touch with Samsung ,sent some photos to them eventually they responded after several phone calls sent an engineer out  who just replaced the screen

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I just had one thick black line come up yesterday. Just blew dust out of vents at back of tv and black line has vanished for last 10 mins or so now. 


Bought 65" cure TV in Dec 2018, spent nearly $1000.

18 months later, it has the same issue.

Sumsung said warrent expired in one year!

I have to call repaire and pay by myself.

Any one has better solution?

Hi, mine was still under warranty as had extended one but I was given credit and choose new tv. Service agent said they couldnt get parts for it to repair. Its pixels in the screen from memory

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