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2021 NEO QLED issues with vertical lines / bars (vertical banding / Jailbars). 2 panel replacements without success

(Topic created on: 01-11-2021 11:27 PM)
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QN95A Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2021)  After 2 nerve wracking repairs and long waiting times I decided to post in here. The first repair was due to a yellowish cloudy spot on the screen. After that my TV came back with a new issue: There are around 13 vertical bars and depending on the color settings/conditions they are clearly visible. So I filed another complaint which led to a second replacement of the panel, the vertical bars are still there. 

Today I got a call from Samsung and they promised a credit note since the TV was in repair already 2 times. Furthermore the lady explained that a Samsung technician checked my pictures stating it looks "as per specifications". 

So speaking for myself as a hardcore Samsung fan, owning nearly everything of their product line for many years (incl. TV's), I never experienced something like this. I also can't accept that this is the "standard" for the 2021 neo qled lineup, especially looking at my pictures attached where you can clearly see a difference. While investigating about this, I came across tons of reviews of many neo qled owners describing exactly this issue, but no statement from Samsung. 

Appreciate any comments from the community and/or Samsung to clear this up. I think for a TV in this price range we can expect a perfect quality as advertised. 

comparison with plain red ambient mode, same settings, same light conditions, same timecomparison with plain red ambient mode, same settings, same light conditions, same timeanother example of my TV with white ambient mode backgroundanother example of my TV with white ambient mode background

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You're not alone.  My 75" QN93A (=Q95A without One-Connect Box) suffers also from these lines. In the german samsung community is also a 20-page thread about this issue. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that there's an solution available. One user has changed his TV 7 times without success.

Movie-mode and red / green colors will make the issue visible.
Due to the fact that these tvs are sold by the thousands there are two possibilities:
1) We're the only ones without luck at buying a tv
2) Everyone has the problem but not everyone recognises it or maybe we're to picky.

Attached a picture of my tv.IMG20211107073655.jpg


Got the same problem. TV has been repaired at my home. Theyve changed the panel but after a while the problem is again there.