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Understanding Advanced Features in Samsung Device Settings

(Topic created on: 11-11-2023 08:38 PM)
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I am exploring the advanced features in the settings of my Samsung device and would like some clarification on a few functionalities:

Reduce Animations: I understand this option reduces screen effects for actions like opening or closing apps. Does this impact the performance of the device in any way?

Motions and Gestures: How do I activate and configure these settings? Is there a detailed guide available for this?

Game Launcher: Upon activating the Game Launcher, are there any specific benefits or settings that I should be aware of?

Dual Messenger: Can you explain how to install a second app for using two separate accounts for the same messenger app? Are there any limitations or compatibility issues?

Video Enhancer: How significant is the improvement in video quality with this feature? Are there specific apps where this feature doesn’t work?

Send SOS Messages: How do I set up my device to send SOS messages by pressing the Side key three times?

Additionally, I am interested in the "Link to Windows" feature, which allows instant access to data saved on the device, such as photos and messages, on a computer. This feature requires a Microsoft account and is available on Windows 10 version 1803 or higher. I followed the steps to set it up but would like to know if there are any troubleshooting tips or additional features I should be aware of.

For more detailed information on these settings and features, I referred to this manual: Samsung Device Advanced Features Settings.

I appreciate any detailed explanations or tips regarding these settings and features.

Thank you!