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Samsung s5e wifi issue on Android 10


Ever since the update to Android 10 on July 1st, every time my tablet screen is switched off the wifi will also switch off on the tablet. I've been through all the settings including the developer options and I can't see anyway to stop this. I've reset my settings too, but to no avail. I've had to download an app on the Play Store to keep the wifi on.

Is this a bug or an intended feature of Android 10? And does anyone have any idea how to fix it, other than with a permanently running background app?


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It would seem Samsung have cured the problem with the latest update I updated my firmware this afternoon 23/09/2020 and everything is fixed.


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Hi! this document has the latest update information. I updated this evening and will report back my findings.


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Afternoon @Jackthelad ,


that is odd. Would you be able to check if this is happening with any other networks and do you have any Power Saving settings set on the Tab? This can be checked from: Settings> Device care/maintenance> Battery> Power mode. 

My power saving settings are set to Optimised as they always have been, and I've tried turning off the adaptive power saving but no change. On the morning before I downloaded the update, everything was working fine.

It's strange because it seems like a power saving setting that's causing it to switch off, (and the fact that a Play Store app can stop it happening) but turning all the power saving settings off doesn't seem to solve it!

Can you try your tab in Safe Mode to see if a third party app is causing this to happen? To do this press and hold the Power button until you see Power Off, Restart and Emergency. Press and hold the Power Off icon until it shows a Shield, tap the Shield and the device will restart in Safe Mode.


Safe Mode disables all third party apps and so if the notifications start working in this mode, we can confirm it is being blocked by a third party app.

The wifi seems to be staying on in Safe Mode, so I'm guessing it must be an app that's suddenly causing a problem.


How do I find out which one?

That indicates that the issue is being caused by a third-party app, @Jackthelad . We would recommend deleting your third party apps one by one and monitoring your phone. 

Actually, scratch what I said. The wifi went off again in Safe Mode, so it's not an app issue!

No worries. I have done a search and found a similar thread on the US Community. Would you be able to try the steps listed HERE and see if they help? 


Hi Jackthelad! 

Did you ever get this sorted? 

This happens on my two S5e tablets after Android 10. I have switched off the router, told S5e to forget the network,  rebooted router and 5 minutes later rebooted tablet. Found network, entered password but the issue persists. 

My WiFi has ,at most, 2 S5e's and 1 mobile phone connected.  Only solution offered is factory reset.  Never have this issue with Android 9.
Any advice welcome. 

I also have a Wi-Fi issue on my tab s5e since the Android 10 update.  I also have an issue with Wi-Fi since the Tab s5e Android 10 update. After boot up the Wi-Fi is showing as on but with no network I have to switch the Wi-Fi off and on again and then I'm back to normal