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message to Samsung and to Samsung developers of Android

(Topic created on: 28-04-2022 07:25 PM)

Dear Samsung,

please add in all app working (!) spelling check and also in all app working working spelling check (!) with using of physical keyboard. At this moment it looks, that in case of multilanguage the spell check isn't working in any app and it stop to work in basic Samsung apps like notes or messages too ( experience of S22 and TAB S8 ULTRA)

Please add special character layout to virtual keyboard too. For example to write almost good spelling of HU language there are needed  öüéá character. without these character you wouldn’t have good spelling even with AI not. Reason is, that there are really big quantity of words (conjunction also) with different meaning (example: az-áz, meg-még, hat-hát, szoros-szőrös, ect.).   ő and ű is not needed on virtual keyboard, these characters are forecastable with simply algorithm based on word dictionary and using characters ö and ü.  Once you add the special characters to HU language screen keyboard, please also clear the double words from your word dictionary (there are many words with incorrect/missing diacritic marks). I hope this helps you progress (and for me to get promised premium device and not only expensive and not usable electronic).

thank you.


Samsung Members Star ★
I doubt it is possible for apps that are not Samsung's intellectual property since the apps would need modification.