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Tab 7+ Attach cover keyboard and try to type an email in 0365 Web version outlook. No luck with spell check total BS

(Topic created on: 28-04-2022 12:23 PM)
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How can you use a tablet that doesn't have spell check Built-in? If you take your tablet in my case 7 plus use the attached keyboard and try to type a document in most applications you're out of luck. This includes the Web version of Microsoft outlook. How can I work in today's world without a spell checker? I will admit Microsoft word works so I have to type my emails in ward and cut and paste them back into the Web version of Microsoft outlook.




 Open up Samsung browser attach the keyboard and start typing in outlook For the Web you will have absolutely no luck with spell check. Samsung this is absolutely unacceptable in today's world. You're competitors, correct that, you're one competitor this is not a problem. unfortunately, as much as I'd like to brag and offer tab 7 to other people in comparison this feature alone prevents me from wanting to even use it let alone promote the bookook.




Thank you