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Cant reset my Tab S2


I am wanting to do a factory reset on my Tab S2 and when it gets to the point where i sign into my account to verify its me it then sends me a verification code to my phone which I put in and after putting in the two step verificaiton code It just reloads to the same screen telling me I will recieve a two step verification code and another code is sent to my phone. This keeps happening untill it says somthing along the lines of too many codes have been sent. I initially tried to reset it like a week ago and just now tried again but before trying this time I verified that bothy my Tab S2 and my S20 Ultra are both using the same time zones which they are and still have the same issue. 

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Exactly the same problem. My phone and S2 tablet kept telling me my samsung session had expired, and that I needed to log in again. This started occurring about 5 days ago. When I try to log in, I go through the same rigmarole that Greensweeper describes, including unsuccessfully trying to turn off 2-step verification via web. 

The issue seems to be with my Samsung tablet, as I can enter my account using my mobile internet after successfully going through two-step verification on there.

I get the impression that waiting on a proper solution via this community might be futile so if someone from Samsung could just provide me with a free/ normal rate number to speak to an account specialist to get this fixed, I'd be very grateful.

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