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SHP-DP609 Smart Lock Battery Issues

(Topic created on: 04-12-2022 10:53 AM)
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My SHP-DP609 smart lock notified me that the batteries need changing. They take AA batteries and I swapped them all over (8 batteries) using 3 different brands of brand new batteries which I bought from the store. None of them work and the whole unit just seems to be dead. 
I checked I had put in the batteries the right way of course and even wiped, dusted and blew the connecting parts in case there was something wrong there. The original batteries which were almost dead too don’t work anymore. There doesn’t appear to be any battery leakage either. 
For some reason, I can’t seem to work out where the hard keys fit into to this lock either! 

No luck - please help! #SHP-DP609 #smasungsmartlock #samsung @samsung

Dicky Liu
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I have similar problem with SHP-DP609 smart lock, keep low battery alert even replace new battery, I think this is a manufacturing defect, the battery bay is very clean, no any battery leakage, no any oxidation,  I had been contact the customer service, they ask me warranty expired, it may need to replace the mainboard, the cost is so expensive, I disapointed with this smart lock., unstil now,  it still not yet repair, and now sometime cannot use password and key card, only fingerprint working, maybe cause of  keep low battery warning,