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Worst service by Samsung Australia

(Topic created on: 29-01-2024 05:59 PM)

I have placed pre order on 18th jan and received confirmation mail stating Arrives on 29/01/24. And invoice states shipping on 29/01/24 but neither did happened. Its just sitting as Awaiting dispatch. 

Here comes the super hero samsung support chat and phone call. When i tried to call them 10 times it will be on hold for about 10 minutes and later they hang the call. Are the customers fool or ***** spending their time to reach you and you guys hang it. Coming to chat it goes for 5-30 que in assigning a representative and when its connected upsetting thing is the initial representative has zero access with anything and they need to transfer chat to other respective agent for any question who can help but due to high volume they can't assist now and ask customer contact details so they can reach within 24 hours or 48 hours. But in reality, they don't even reach after 1 week as they don't care about customers as they got the device payment money, that's it bye bye consumer. Samsung Australia doesn't respond for chat or call or email support. 

I regret for not listening to my friends advise about bad customer service by samsung as always ( they recommended to go for apple mobile as they do better customer service and don't fool or play these dramas with customers).

I will switch to pixel once they start making chips with TSMC as they listen and respond to customer.


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I'm sorry to hear of the experiences you've had with your interactions with Samsung Australia. 

This is no excuse but when a flagship event happens delays inevitably happen whether its at Samsung or Apple or Google. 

Take care @Honestbud 

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A shame you are dispatching orders made later. My phone was ordered on the 19th, 24 hours before my partner ordered theirs on the 19th. They've got their phone today, mine still says order acknowledged with delivery of 9th Feb. Why are people jumping the queue? 


Yes, same titanium grey 512gb was delivered to few people who placed on 21st 23rd jan but not who did on 18th jan. Some people are saying they don't have stock. But even now if i pre order from local stores they are delivering in 2-3 days. If they don't have stock how can they ship orders placed in local stores immediately.

Just chosen samsung store as they got better pre order deals and getting their ***** service.

They got your payment and they are happy and they don't care about you anymore.


I agree sometimes delays can happen, but can't hold the people who preorder on jan 18 and delivery to the people who placed after jan 21st for same colour and memory. 

Any profession in any part of the world follows first come first served except for the samsung services.

Luckily on 27/01/24 a sales representative on their chat support finally connect and informed me he double checked and everything is okay with my order and it will be shipped on 29/01/24. But nothing.


Yeap I know that feeling waiting waiting for a call back. I'm over the 48 hours now and still nothing.  No reference number provided. My issue was the invoice as the math dose not add up with one of the discounts.

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Agreed with YOU.  Worst-ever service.  I have placed pre order s24 ultra titanium blue 512 GB on 21st January 2024. In my order they shows will ship on 7th Feb but today is 9th Feb and nothing happened.  Now I check online they change the shipping date from 7th Feb to 21st Feb. How funny 😀😀