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Worst Customer Experience

(Topic created on: 24-01-2024 02:11 AM)
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Please allow me to preface this post with this: I have been a LONG TIME supporter of Samsung products. Multiple Samsung Televisions hang on my walls, I own samsung Appliances, and have owned a Samsung Galaxy phone for  25 renditions of the Galaxy phone line. Now, after the absurdly horrible customer service I experienced in the last 2 days, I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AGAIN.  I wasted about 6 hrs over the course of 2 days attempting to purchase a phone through them. In that time, I have been hung up on, and transferred from agent to agent to agent to only waste time doing the same things over and over again to no avail, phone calls cut off with no callback, and agents that simply DO NOT LISTEN to anything you say and seem to just read off a screen. First off, I can barely understand them, and if you can, it's like speaking to a robot. I was convinced I was speaking to an ai bot this morning. I have never in my life experienced a lack of customer service as I have with samsung the last few days. I will be avoiding them at all costs in the future. I'd advise everyone to do the same. All they seem to care about is their bottom $ with a complete disregard to a quality customer service experience. 

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I feel you.

I guess its gonna be like that with all the chaos and craziness of the preorders and the website crashing and what not.

Looks like the s24 series is selling like hotcakes with the awesome preorder deals.

Lots of people had issues with ordering or getting their codes in or even the flex payments.

Even those who got trough seem to have their phones getting delivered today are getting delayed.

Although I can't really offer any help regarding your current situation all I can say is the future is bright with samaungs eco system with AI

Hi @MattyC1 , 


I agree: doesn't sound like a great experience. 😞 Which country are you based in? And any more info on why the need for agent support for your purchase in this case? (I'm guessing it's all gone far better for you in the past, so I'm wondering how and where it went sideways this time.)