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This year's upgrade program issues

(Topic created on: 11-10-2021 01:47 PM)

Hi All,

Is there a contact email or phone number I can use to make a complaint about this year's upgrade program?  I have tried customer support and getting nowhere.

I have been on the Samsung Upgrade Program for 4 years  I have never seen it so badly handled and so far these are my issues:
This Samsung Care+ is one aspect, I have had no email or instruction from Samsung about what to do with the Care+ till days after the close of the offer?  On the notification, 5 days after the windows for me to register closed they said I had a few days to activate, but clearly not as when I tried it said I was outside the eligibility period.  I have an email from Samsung that confirm I was eligible.
Samsung was supposed to have instructed Klarna to pause my payments during the changeover, but they didn't pause until after I had paid for both phones on the same billing cycle, over a month AFTER I got the new phone.
Samsung is supposed to close down my Klarna account within 10 days of receipt of my old device, 3.5 weeks later this has not happened.  Despite them sending confirmation this will happen.
A month AFTER I have received my phone, Samsung is telling me they are sending my phone and it will be with me shortly? 
Close to a month after I sent my old device back in the official envelope that I was sent, I am sent another envelope to send back my phone.  Do they think I had two?  Do they think I hadn't sent the first?  Is that why they haven't closed my account?
When I try to get some help with this I spend an hour on the phone with 2 different operators, which then gets turned into an email session with a couple of different people that lasts over a week due to time for Samsung to respond. 
The final reply seeming to indicate nothing I have said or shown previously has even been looked at.  So I detailed it again to them and was told it was being sent to another department.  That was 30/9 and still nothing from them.
I love my Fold 3, but the scheme is not worth all this hassle and now worry, that I will be charged for two phones on the next billing cycle.  No one at Samsung seems to be interested and I have had enough.