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Samsung upgrade klarna declined

(Topic created on: 12-08-2021 11:04 AM)

Hey all,

Had an email advising my upgrade window is now open, fold 3 announced, hurray!
Well, not quite. 
Went to upgrade and klarna declined the credit application. 
I contacted them, and they advised it was not due to adverse credit, rather the credit check result was that they failed to identify me...
I use totally money, Experian etc, so I can see the hard search they did. It's identical to the one I can see from last year. They searched my name. DOB and address, all correct.
Klarna say they cannot change the outcome. It's an automated process that they cannot change. 
A Google search of, 'samsung klarna declined' brings up a lot of these complaints. Multiple users unable to upgrade because of this issue. 
The only reason I signed up to this agreement was knowing I could upgrade. And now through no fault of my own, I can't. I can't even pay up the klarna credit early and sell the device. It's a complete scam.
My advice, think twice before signing up to the upgrade program, klarna are terrible, yet the only option. I was a member of the apple upgrade program for years and never had a single issue!
Had same issue with decline despite credit history being excellent. Saw in a few threads regarding capitalization of the town being an issue. Also that the address must match exactly (for example if your Experian file doesn't show any suburb and just the main town then you need to use this in the order). Also saw posts regarding different browsers, clearing cache, browsing history and cookies.

I cleared everything as above, used Samsung browser (previously used Chrome when it was declined), and made sure address was EXACTLY as per my experian file and this time it went through with no issues.

Not sure what resolved it but I suspect it was capitalization of my town.

It's ridiculous and Samsung really need to change provider but at least its now sorted!

I had a very similar problem and after re-typing my details e.g. addresses etc; it eventually went through and my upgrade is ordered. My new problem however is earliest dispatch date is 27 August, I’ve paid £159 deposit and Klarna have set up 1st payment for 5 September. Absolute ridiculous and I’m still paying for current phone on that same date. Klarna’ s own credit terms state they will take payment one month after delivery date which is clearly not what has happened here. Klarna and Samsung processes just don’t align and it is a poor service we receive as a result.


@hipwell wrote:
Exact same issue here, tryed upgrading, it passed the credit check first time and then crashed at the deposit part so I had to start the process again, it then failed the check and left me with a number of hard and soft searches on my credit score. Called Klana, they are the most unhelpful people I have ever contacted basically said it's because I'm a scrubber with bad credit. I earn 50k a year, have got impeccable credit rating and the only credit I have is my klarna note 20 ultra and my mortgage. I have put in a complaint with TransUnion to try and get these hard and soft searches off my credit file, I'll then be selling the note 20 and going to Apple I think. Poor service.

Did you ever get this sorted? 

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Yea klarna are the worst, yes the only way I got my other through was changing browser! I ended up using Edge over chrome and it worked, no idea why
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Hi all, thought it would be a good time to post my Klarna "Experience"


Been in the upgrade program for a while without issue, however, last year, I was declined by Klarna.  Eventually went through and all good.

This year exactly the same thing....DECLINED  Because Klarna thought I couldn't afford a monthly payment, I decided to buy the S22 Ultra outright! and keep my S21 Ultra while still paying Klarna per month for the S21, doesn't make sense does it?

Long story short, Klarna are useless and Samsung Customer support just shouldn't  exist.

Exactly 4 days later, I was accepted for a £375000 Mortgage without a single issue

No idea how Klarna work their lending out but I have never had an issue with affordability or credit and when it was Close Brothers doing the finance, it was seamless.

Hope the above is helpful for people scratching their heads because I'm still scratching mine!