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Samsung on the Isle of Man

(Topic created on: 14-02-2021 12:06 PM)
Aaron J

I recently had a few issues with Samsung that could not be resolved by the Samsung Customer Service channels.  The issues stemmed from the Isle of Man's unique position within the British Isles (outlined below).


1. The Isle of Man although not part of the United Kingdom is considered by Royal Mail to be an extension of the UK mainland. We in fact share UK mainland postal rates which NI and Channel Islands do not.


2. Many UK retailers include the Isle of Man within their courier delivery structure due to the minimal costs associated with servicing the island via FCX, Yodel, Hermes etc..  Even Amazon include us in their Prime Delivery service.


3. The terms and conditions for claiming freebies such as the Galaxy Buds with the S21 phones states this is open to residents of the Isle of Man so Samsung must be willing to despatch products to the IoM and already have a delivery service lined up already to serve this area.


4. The Isle of Man appears (correctly) as a county on the postcode address selection whilst trying to enter your details and trying to complete a purchase at 


Local telecoms providers such as Manx Telecom and Sure Cable and Wireless currently price gouge customers  due to the lack of competition with the latter selling the new S21 series for £100 or more over the msrp/rrp.


S21 128gb - £869 (normally £769)

S21+ 128gb  - £1079 (normally £949)

S21 Ultra 128gb - £1379 (normally £1149)


The only option we have is to go to the likes of Currys where I have just had to buy my new S21's where I couldn't get my extra 10% discount on a new tablet.  I like to refresh my tech all at the same time so this has cost my household £200+ more than it should have.

Samsung Members Star ★★

@Aaron J  Realise this must be somewhat frustrating, hopefully can be addressed  in the future.    However you  are happy enough with your New Tech.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


I also want to add to the OP on this subject. NO I am not happy, been a long time consumer of Samsung products and receive emails from Samsung on offers etc but can not buy the products directly. I wish to trade in my current phone and buy the flip3, I  sign into my Samsung account input all the details, go to Checkout and you won't deliver, we have Royal mail, why won't you deliver? Another issue is with the play store, many apps will not allow us to download ie BBC iplayer , even though we pay for the BBC TV licence,  this means we are using apk downloads. Please, please, please sort this Samsung.