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(Topic created on: 02-03-2023 09:38 PM)
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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my eissappointment in service provided to me despite paying for the service.

I must say I had high expectations of Samsung given its reputation and recommendation only to be met with a distasteful customer service and a destroyed product.

I ordered a 85" 4k TV 85" QN95B Neo QLED 4K HDR and Q800B Samsung Q-Symphon and paid for it to be assembled upon delivery.

The men who delivered on the first day were incompetent and waisted 2hours of my time...upon the second delivery the TV stand was destroyed and I was mortified by the lack of care and quality assurance. I called customer service to replace the stand only to be passed around from one department to another for over 2hours on a Saturday morning.

After this stressful ordeal I was told it will be replaced but not assembled...this started another time waisted through different departments.

Finally, I was told to expect competent men who will collect , deliver and assemble a new stand on the 4th of March. I immediately took time off work and called today to confirm delivery....only to be passed around again without my consent .... I was left speaking to a man that could barely speak English and was reading a script to me.... at this point my wife took the phone and was asking a yes or no question to get the message across. Hoping that he understood he said yes to a stand being delivered snd assembled on Saturday and we should expect a call within the next 24hours confirming time the service with be carried out.

I received a call telling me they are coming to collect the speaker...I explained that its the TV stand that needed replacing and they said they do not have any TV stand to deliver or have it on record to collect a TV stand.

I am absolutely frustrated and highly agitated. This experience has left my wife stressed and equally frustrated.

We have waisted valuable time and resources trying to talk to a competent individual to just replace the TV stand.

I am just lost for words now and will rather you sort this out ASAP.

I personally will like to speak to someone who can render a professional service without any rudeness or barriers to using initiative whilst dealing with this issue.

Furthermore I am paying for this and not asking for a charity or a favour so I am confused as to why I am treated unjustly.

I await your response.

Kind regards,


Hi @Crownprince ,

I am really sorry to hear that you had to go thorugh all this experince. We do take our customers satisfaction rellay serious and would like to pass this on to the relevenat deparment. 

If you are based in the UK or Ireland then please send a private message to Sam_UK by following the steps in the link below, and myself or one of the other mods will be able to get this escalated for you.

Solved: How to send a private message on the Samsung Community - Samsung Community

Alternatively, please reach out to our Help Desk directly via the link below, and an advisor will be on hand to assist you.