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S24+ Online Exclusive Colour Delivery Delays

(Topic created on: 28-01-2024 10:27 AM)

Here we go again! My situation is a mirror of what happened when I ordered my last Samsung a couple of years ago. 

I pre-ordered the S24+ in Sapphire Blue. Selected a delivery date of 28th January 2024 which is today. 
Surprise surprise I'm only getting a phone case today. Email this morning from Samsung on the day of delivery that my phone and free watch are delayed until 11th February 2024. 
Samsung its really not good enough to be emailing people on the same day. Give us some notice! I chose today on purpose as I knew I'd be home. Live Chat Support are useless. I went round and round in a queue and eventually I spoke with them a couple of days ago and they told me everything was coming today. 
So disappointing and once again paid a lot of money for a new phone I'm not going to get on the actual release date. 
Big Cheese

I empathise with you. This happens every year. Samsung has done nothing to improve this . I do not think I will pre-order ever again.

I ordered S24U 1TB, blue and delivery is for the 9th of Feb, if there is no further delays.

Samsung charges you immediately, but communication and delivery is absent. They should be as swift for delivery as they are for charging.

I honestly think a complaint to trading standards should be made, reading the amount of delays going on while Samsung sit with probably hundreds of thousands of pounds or whatever currency in their bank account making loads of interest. A few orders perhaps but thousands? That should be against the law.
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Yes we do see delays with phone deliveries especially with the Online exclusive colours and sometimes in connection to the size of onboard storage chosen. 

This happens with Flagship phone's unfortunately and Samsung has put up a message on their ordering page on the Samsung Shop advising of high demand. 

This isn't a scenario just with Samsung but also with other manufacturers. 

This is why I personally await for the Pre ordering stage to be complete and then make my final decision. I appreciate some pre order promotions maybe concluded by then but it's an informed decision I make. 

As for compensation the Online Shop Team will deal with Goodwill Gestures on a case by case scenario. 

Trading standards would I assume advise you have the right to cancel. 

I hope you all receive good news soon. 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Sadly this is an annual occurrence and Samsung are not well known for great customer service.

In essence their ordering systems need a real kick up the preverbials. They should know what stock is in the UK and confirm delivery dates for those and advise of delays for those not in stock. They won't though because they will think they'll lose orders.

I’ve received my 1TB S24 Ultra  in grey that I chose to be delivered today with no issues but yes, online exclusives always get delayed every year it seems as they are made to order unlike the normal colours that are just mass produced that’s why I never go for the exclusives you’ll be waiting weeks for it.

Its not just online exclusive colours though. I ordered mine a 1tb grey as well on the 18th just a day after the unpacked event scheduled to be delivered on the 25th on the morning of the 25th i get a mail saying its delayed and will be delivered on the 8th.
I really feel that the lack of communication is the worst part of it all! I can deal with delays if they actually tell you in advance. An email on the morning of delivery is not the way to handle it.
I've spoken to live chat again today. No apologies or anything. They didn't care.
Yup. I think they know that they are the apple equivalent for android...they can do whatever they want. They know most people in the west are not very tech savvy and just want the latest phone and if they want and android what are their options..just Samsung and google. People generally wont buy chinese brands as they've probably not even heard of brands like vivo oppo etc. Even if they have those phones just aren't as premium feeling.

Hi everyone, just a small update on this as I decided to try Live Chat again today! A slightly better experience than last time. I ended up with an apology this time at least, but still no further forward on why there are delays. Perhaps it is is because of the online exclusive colour - but they still should have flagged this at the point of ordering.
Current eta is 11th Feb still, but they cannot guarantee this. I have requested to find out what compensation is available as they have been unable to fulfil the delivery date I expected. I have seen others on the Forums get issued with £100 codes etc. They told me I have to wait until my device is delivered and I can then take up a discussion with them on what they can offer. I feel like this is probably another Fob off, but I have a chat reference, so I will definitely be back in touch with them when I finally get hands on my new phone!

I have been very pleased with my S22+ which prompted me to go for an S24+ but their customer support/ordering system and updates is poor.