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Note 10 and shocking customer service

(Topic created on: 31-08-2019 12:43 AM)
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Hi all,


I had purchased the Note 10 Plus 512GB 5G model from your web site on pre-order and paid for the delivery date 23rd August before 10:30AM.


I have spoken to the sales team on the phone and they advised that it would not arrive until 24th or 27th.


Upon informing them that I had paid for the early delivery I have gotten the following excuses;

- Does not launch till 24th 

- Not paid for weekend delivery so won't get it till 27th 

- No shipping before 23rd even though early deliveries have gone out and Samsung Shops have them in stock 

- Promised call backs from managers, still waiting for one 

- It will arrive when it arrives 

- Promised it would be delivered on 23rd.


I have been shouted at, called a liar and lied to, spoken down to, abusive behaviour and not wanting to be listened to over the phone by your sales team that basically don't want to help anyone and in the mist of all this has made me scared to call your sales team for an update.

The status on the web site said that it will be dispatched BY 23rd August and this clearly is not going to happen.

Message from your site; 


Ships by Aug 23rd 2019

It occurred on: 7/08/2019


All I wanted was some help and advise from Samsung and never got the answers I needed.

So that was the order process, now comes to the 23rd August.


Phone never arrived and I was told my web shop manager that it was out of stock and would be 2 weeks before it would be delivered and at this I cancelled my order and manager told me that I would get refund in 3-5 working days. So I ordered my phone from Argos and got it that day expecting a refund in the time frame given. I got an email confirming the cancellation.


I phoned up on Wednesday 28th August to ask how many refund was going and got told that it had not been processed and would be done there and then and someone would call me back to confirm this. Got a call back on Thursday saying it was with Finance and would be with me that day or next day.


I called up again Friday morning and was told that the phone had been signed for and been delivered to my shipping address and I had not got confirmation that it was been sent, no delivery notice from DPD.


I got to work and it was there to my surprise. I called back and confirmed it was there and told them that I had cancelled the order and was expecting a refund but nobody seemed to really care and was told to send the phone back which I don't mind doing. The refund would then take a few more weeks to get.


I do have some reservations that they will say they have not received the phone back.


With me cancelling my order, it feels like that the sale of the phone has been forced on my and that they are withholding my money when I wanted a refund.


On trying to chat online to your web shop team, they are now blocking me from using the service and disconnecting me after I give them my details.


Any advice what I can do now please?

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Not a good Experience at all @PongleTheDay 


Yes some people were receiving their phones a day early as people were posting as so but not everyone did.


I pre ordered from my local Samsung Experience Store and also received a phone call from them to advise my phone was in_stock, but I wasn't allowed to collect it early from the Samsung Experience Store.


Pre ordering does not unfortunately guarantee that a phone will be supplied as it's all dependent on supply and demand. Some people had their orders cancelled by Samsung due to demand too.


So you now have a couple of choices,


1. Let the bad experience go and enjoy this awesome phone.


2. Send it back and gain a refund. I would suggest to send it back special delivery as its then tracked etc.


3. Keep it and return the one purchased from Argos if they'll allow that.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Go mate to Police or CAB.
I did purchased online phone and after they taken my money on order they said the phones are out of stock !!! They changing state of order as dispatch preparation so you can't cancel your order and keep your money on Swedish bank account that Samsung cooperates with their orders. This is simple cheating people as I was checking minute ago and all phones are in stock on their website ,so just pay in money online and then forget about your phone and money . Women at phone lines of Customer service saying that they apologise for situation but they can't do anything,and there is some secret internal group which is dealing with orders and can cancel your order or not and keep your money in their bank and they won't let you talk to any person that can deal with your order. What a shame this is shocking 

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Completely agree with. Had a problem with my note 10 after 3 days and Samsung wanted to repair. Told them I wanted a replacement with they were happy to do. Unfortunately I had to wait over 2 weeks for my replacement to arrive. Was offered £25 then £50 compensation in the form of a voucher code but you can't really buy anything worthwhile from Samsung at that value. Told them I was not prepared to add my own money so that form of compensation was useless.  I have tried twice now to get a response from Samsung but no one is replying to my email. I did receive a call from Samsung and the man suggested I email the complaints/customer solution team on and 0330 7261010. Maybe give these guys a go, good luck