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Are tripods essential in photography or not ? (Videos or photos)

(Topic created on: 19-10-2021 05:40 PM)
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Here are some reasons that might convince you of the need to have a tripod with you at all times.

Some pictures are in french, i will try to redo them in english soon

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to start my article on tripods , hoping to convince you that they are essential for all amateur or professional photographers or videographers. 

A) Whatever the chosen tripod, never forget to desactivate the stabilizer of your device. If you are using the Osmo stabilizer to shoot videos or photos,   the 2 stabilizers will conflict, each trying to correct the same movement and / or lack of movement.

B) In the same way, if your device is stabilized by a tripod, you must deactivate the stabilizer of your Smartphone / Reflex / Camera or any other camera except if the tripod is use as a Selfie Tripod and/or if you use it in a show to make a video/photos of the artist on scene. If the tripod is a extension of your arm, you're better to activate the stabilizator of your smartphone.

 (I hope you understand the nuance here).

As exemple, this tripod can be  a extension of your arm  or a regular tripod: 



Here are some reasons that might convince you of the need to have a tripod with you at all times.

  • Ideal when you want to take a group photo and want to be present in the photo.
  • Ideal for when your hands are shaking and you cannot avoid the camera shake blur
  • Ideal when you want to take quality night photos so that there is no grain in the image
  • Ideal when you want to take panoramic scenes of up to 360 degrees
  • Ideal when you want to make a SEXY video of you and your partner because you don't want the videographer to be your neighbor 
  • Ideal for minimizing shading when you face the sun
    Ideal for long exposures such as astrophotography, light trails, photos taken when there is almost no light Ideal because you want to make videos with the Hyperlapse function and here are the suggestions from Samsung

  • Cassidy007_1-1634661116034.jpeg


  • ( to be continued)

We will look at the different types of tripods and suggest 2 links for you thinking tripods will suit you whether you are taking professional quality videos or photos.


The hook can support up to 9 kilos to stabilize it

Among these tripods, I will invite Lautiana to describe her new tripod, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 with which she can do everything that the camera offers whether it is photos that she can easily enlarge / reduce with the dedicated button, hyperlapse, 4K 30fps videos etc. in short everything that could or would like to do thanks to the stabilizer of this tripod. (Note that DJI is at version 5 and that too will be discussed later.

That said, here are the tripods I have in my possession. I have 6 in total to overcome all eventualities.



# 1 This tripod has the advantage of being able to hang on almost anything : whether it's a branch, a bicycle windlass, a doorknob or even after your main tripod because the legs are flexible and rotate in all possible directions to securely grip the anchor point. I can also put it on the center column when my professional tripod is fully deployed this allows me to take a picture with your DSLR and take the same picture with your smartphone. 




# 2- Here is the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 tripod stabilizer  it is ideal for anyone who wants to get into video production BUT personally I do not suggest it for those with rounded screens as the clamp contains a  strong spring and I am  sure several have smashed their screen this way because of the force of this clamp. To balance the Note10 + I have to be very careful because the clamp arrives directly at the center of the POWER button and could in my opinion damage the device  if the clamp had to slip out of my hands, I would break my screen   and that is why I suggest you place the clip on the button side first and finish the stowage on the less fragile side and the only thing that could save my smartphone is my quality protective case which could perhaps cushion the shock. If you had made some  rpofessionnal video with those Gimbal, i invite you to share them with us ...

Osmo Mobile 3 video:

Currently,  you will find the Osmo 4 version as well as the 5 version which no longer needs to be balanced every time you want to use it and for me it is a big PLUS  because I hate taking the risk to break my screen every time I use my Note10 + with its rounded screen.

Version Osmo mobile 4 allows you to position the stabilizer quickly thanks to a magnet stuck to the back of your protective case and it no longer needs to be rebalanced each time you use it. 

Osmo mobile 4 video

Osmo Mobile 5:  DJI OM 5 is a lightweight and versatile tool that unlocks the full potential of your smartphone

Osmo mobile 5 video 

The DJI Osmo stabilizer (without the 3 legs) can be mounted on any tripod, allowing you to work at eye level without having to hold the device. You will be able to use functions such as hyperlapse, make panoramas, take pictures which can be enlarged / reduced efficiently while framing your subjects well.

And for videographers, know that the videos you make with this stabilizer will be of incredible quality especially if you are good at video editing. (even without editing, everything is done smoothly without any jerks, you will feel the soul of a professional) 

# 3 - I like tripod and it is the dedicated tripod for my smartphone. It's light, a good height for the eyes, and it allows me to "tilt" my phone 90 degrees in a jiffy allowing me to switch from Photo Mode to Landscape Mode in a fraction of a second without jogging. be afraid to drop my phone. You will notice that the Joby phone holder that I put on it is a must for me because it allows me to apply the pressure I want so as not to break my screen since the support system has no spring. Clicking on the suggested tripods will take you to the Amazon site. You will see the Joby Pro phone holder there which does not break the rounded screens. 

# 4- This  19cm Compact Desktop Portable Mini Macro Tripod is exceptionally sturdy  with 360 degree low profile ball head, 6.35mm quick release tray for SLR camera, smartphone,  Max load up to 80 kg . Whether I'm with my DSLR or with my smartphone, I know that I can count on this tripod and that my camera will be firmly anchored without the risk of falling due to the wind. In addition, it can lay completely flat when I want to take photos at ground level without the wind raising eyebrows.

In addition, the end of the legs rubberized, it is therefore non-slip and you will find threaded holes on the legs allowing you to fit either microphones, flashes, lights and / or any accessories so you could use to take photographs and / or videos ... You could even hold another camera there which allows you to pose on different angles at the same time.


Courtesy of #KuriousKiwiPhotography  on Facebook

I found an almost similar tripod on Amazon, this video will convince you of its sturdiness:


It's perfect for my mini pocket camera OR my smartphone OR my DSLR with a Sigma 150-600mm lens  . It just doesn't flinch ... It's Solid! You can buy it here ! 



My new toy with which I will prepare my LIVE videos by filming the computer screen when I use Samsung DEX

# 5- My  professional grade aluminum tripod (at least for me who only follows a seasoned hobbyist). When I really want to take pictures of landscapes, birds or animals, this tripod which can be transformed into a monopod for walking follows me everywhere. The feet adjust independently and can handle all situations. I can put it in the water without danger and it has this famous hook which allows me to stabilize it against the risks related to too strong wind. This tripod can be easily disassembled to adopt all the desired positions ... and weighs less than 2 kilos. Be careful, if you plan to take wildlife photos, choose a tripod that can support the weight of the camera and the lens. Mine is a bit limited when I add weight after the hook to stabilize it...

  • QUICK ADJUSTMENT: The four-section column foot and two-section center tube have a quick-release toggle lock, allowing you to adjust the working height from 23 '' to 195.6 '' in seconds, and the zipper method is more convenient.
  • 360 ° Pan: 36mm metal ball head can rotate 360 ​​° and get free angle. The precise 360 ​​° zoom ratio allows precise alignment of the image. The bubble level helps find the balance of the compact tripod, and the precise 360 ​​° scale allows for precise image alignment and facilitates panoramic photography.
  • Monopod Function: The tripod can be quickly disassembled by the bottom bracket screw and turned into a monopod to meet different shooting ideas. It can also be used as a hiking stick to provide another convenient shooting method.
  • MULTI-ANGLE SHOOTING: The inverted center column installation enables ultra-low shooting and excellent macro control, with ultra-low 19.8cm height, making your photography more diverse, achieving lower angles and wider views.

New New   Because I had bought a good tripod, I was able to change the head so that I could set up my camera with my new lens which weighs a ton. So I went from this:



Good up to 7.98 kilos



Good up to 13.6 kg

At this point, you're getting very close to the title of informed photographer and what's good about this kind of head is that once you've swung your camera, you can put your camera in any position and it will keep it ...It's perfect for astrophotography or for making videos with cameras up to 13.6 kilos lens included. 




To that... Note that the original head remains very useful and I put it back if I have to drag the tripod in the original carrying bag. ( It happens less and less often because I prefer the Neewer head )

It is also very useful when I photograph with my smartphone and my DSLR at the same time, either to make comparisons or because it allows me to choose the best photo because with the Smartphone, I will not have to retouch the colors or the photo to make them more flamboyant which saves me a lot of work.





# 6- My pocket tripod  which I use with the head of tripod # 5 and the Phone Holder Joby Griptight Pro or with the head of # 1 to be flush with the ground. Small, practical, can support nearly a kilo, I use it on the FLY in all the unforeseen moments which necessitate the use of the treped in order to avoid the FOUL from moving At this size, look no further excuses to say that a tripod is embarrassing and drag it with you at all times !!!

Tripods and phone holder suggested to start ... click on the photos








Better viewing on your favorite browser here :
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Cheers @Cassidy007! My hands aren't the most stable, so a tripod is probably a good idea for me for eliminating blur and for good night photos. 🤔 (Always wondered why my smartphone photos of the moon never turned out anything like other people's, for example.)


Just this bit that I'm not sure I understand:


@Cassidy007 wrote:


A) Whatever the chosen tripod, never forget to deactivate the stabilizer of your device. If you are using the Osmo stabilizer to shoot videos or photos,   the 2 stabilizers will conflict, each trying to correct the same movement and / or lack of movement.

B) In the same way, if your device is stabilized by a tripod, you must deactivate the stabilizer of your Smartphone / Reflex / Camera or any other camera except that this time you can leave it to make a video. (I hope you understand the nuance between A and B).


To me, that reads as though A is about needing to deactivate the stabilizer in all cases (photo and video) when using an Osmo stabilizer; and B is about not needing to deactivate the device stabilizer when shooting a video and using a non-Osmo tripod/stabilizer. Am I reading that right?

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Thanks @AntS for your advice that was really pertinent. When i wrote the post, the selfie stick tripod was in my head as example to know when activate or desactivate the stabilizator...So i made the correction and i hope my explanation show you more when you should activate the stabilizator.

Your complain is exactly what i'm looking for to get the better article possible so Thanks again !

P.S. i will also correct the word in the other article you mentionned to me.

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