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(Topic created on: 28-02-2023 12:46 AM)
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Working on it now !  If you see any mistakes, please advertise me.

(Images in the Editor are not in English...Sorry !


But don't tell anyone because what I did was wrong:  I STOLE HIS EYES 😲

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea grande culpa 😞

But before you condemn me, let me tell you my story  😶

For a better view, it's here

In fact, it started like this..

For the first time in my life, I had the chance to FINALLY see a long-eared owl   and as many know, I have been devoting half my time to wildlife photography since May 2022 and it is for this reason that I don't post a lot of photos of landscapes, architectural buildings ( although it's also a passion)  and regular/daily photos like @GusB  knows how to do so well.... 

It was a beautiful day in December and I was finally able to take a hundred photos of this beautiful bird. I stood there for 2 hours and NEVER opened his eyes and that's when I gave up. 

Was I going to show, to people who follow me on Instagram, a bird with closed eyes????  Is that where I had that IMPURE thought of stealing the eyes of a wonderful photo taken by a competitor?  Of course not.

I make you a written declaration of the stages of my larceny which you could reproduce with your favorite photo editor.

First, here is the faulty photo BEFORE modifications. I reworked the motion blur (trembling), I improved the sharpness and the luminosity before working on the eyes: 


As you can see, the long-eared owl  was sleeping in my face... How rude he is 😠

To succeed, I had to BORROW the photo of my competitor which was much better than mine, I admit it ( they say that a confessed fault is half forgiven) 🙄


No, but look at those eyes 



Here's how I did it  :

  • I first opened the 2 photos in the editor (Normally I create a copy of the image by creating a new layer which I work on so as not to mess up the original but since I knew what I was going to do, I didn't need to redo it because I already had a copy.



  • I then selected the rough outline of where the eye should be if it was OPEN in the first photo as in the next photo.    


You can see the selection around the eye of the 1st photo if you enlarge the photo.


Then I opened the second photo and selected the full eye and its outline as in this photo


Selection of the eye and its outline

You  can see the selection by enlarging the photo.


Then I went back to my 1st pic which still showed its selection  AND I PASTED THE EYE I COPIED into the FIRST PICTURE selection and POOF, it finally had its first eye.


As you can see, you can play around with the copy of the eye until you are happy with the position and size of the eye.

Rendered at this step, you can Merge Visible Layers OR Flatten Image. If I had made a copy layer of the image, I would have had to deactivate it to do the fusion. But since I didn't make a copy ( I had already made one before doing this tutorial....



Now that the photo is flattened and that I have saved a copy of each of my actions in another file, I can repeat each of these steps in order to put the 2nd eye on it to have the final retouched photo as the final result.


That's it, I hope you enjoy this TUTO and that you understand the importance of having a good photo editor. 

Come on, say it, if I hadn't told you, you would never have known and that's the Magic of Editors with photo retouching... It's simply stunning!

This article is Copyright.

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Love the way you told this, @Cassidy007 . 😄❤️


I wouldn't have known you'd taken the eyes from another picture... until you admitted it. 


(And since May 20222? 😕)

Samsung Members Star ★★★

@AntS  wrote :

I wouldn't have known you'd taken the eyes from another picture... until you admitted it. 

Effectively, it's hard to see than i cheat even if i zoom on the picture like this :


Wildlife photography since May 20222. Do i never told you that i have a Time Machine ? (ok ok, 2022...happy ? 😛)

Other kind of photographies, only  since 1979 (Oh my god...i'm that old 😲)

Sharing our knowledge is a good way to remember our  life.

I am happy that you love the way i told people about this and i hope i would do this in the future Samsung's Editor in 20223 😇😏..

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