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Samsung's editor short manual Section C 5: Mixing Colors or Tints Part 7 of 10

(Topic created on: 08-07-2023 02:30 AM)
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Section C 5: Mixing Colors or Tints

C 5 A little known but very useful section


Basically, Color Mix is ​​not made to modify the colors but rather to make them more vivid or less vibrant depending on the desired effect... On the other hand, you  can modify certain colors as I did on the pictures below.

With experience in photo editing, we can change the color of the main subject and put the color we like. On the other hand, it is a complex job that I will explain below since the Samsung editor does not allow us to change the colors of our photo selection.





























Samsung allows you to modify the colors present in your photos and even to select the color in the image that you want to enhance using the pipette . This function is separated into three categories

  • Tint: Allows you to change the tint of the entire image
  • saturation: Allows you to saturate the red or orange colors of the image as a whole.
  • luminance: Allows you to play with the blue colors in the image

  • are the 3 categories of this function.
    • The following hues present in the image can be enhanced or muted by choosing each of them: 
    • Red: Enhances or attenuates red colors.
    • Orange: Enhances or attenuates orange colors.
    • Yellow: Enhances or attenuates yellow colors.
    • Green: Enhances or attenuates green colors.
    • Blue: Enhances or attenuates blue colors.
    • Dark Blue: Enhance or tone down dark blue colors
    • Violet: Enhances or attenuates violet colors. 
    • Plus a pipette that lets you choose the color you want to enhance or make more discreet.

It was with the Pipelette that I chose the color I wanted to modify and then I played with the slider to modify the color. Then I chose the color yellow etc until I got the color I wanted . Etc., etc

To modify only the color of your subject, you must select it thanks to the new function of the Samsung editor which consists in cutting out an object on the photo...It is explained here:  .'s talk about photography/%EF%B8%8F-comment-d%C3%A9coup%C3%A9-un-obje... 

Once the object has been saved and you have kept only the essential parts of the photo and changed the color in the "Color Mix" section, this will be used as a sticker on top of the original photo . So I created a photo montage that I explain here 



As you can see I put the sticker on the original photo and moved it around so that it completely covers the subject that is now underneath. A little complicated but entirely doable while it's much easier with the other editors that allow us to modify our selection directly.



Now that I've placed the object, I can save a COPY of it so it doesn't alter my original photo. and here is the edited photo...



Wasn't it easy? A little practice and you'll get there easily once you get used to it.

* Note that I could have made a better cut if I had put the time... Here is the rough cut I made before modifying the color of the latter: 








If you noticed correctly, I also cut out the holes that could have influenced the photo and luckily it doesn't seem too much that I didn't force myself to do the photo montage of the century 😋


Contents : 

1-  Introduction

2-  Opening the Gallery application

3-  The different sections of the editor 

4-  Open the Samsung photo/video editor

5 -  The 3 small points of the editor

6 -  The styles offered by Samsung

7  Mixing colors or shades

8-   The different filters available 

9-   Learn how to use the Samsung editor to enhance your photos 

10-  Conclusion: The strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung Editor (    Under construction)


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Vous aimez la photographie ? Si OUI, cliquez ici :
You like photography , if YES, Click here :