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SM-G920F network unlock false positive

(Topic created on: 14-07-2020 10:55 PM)
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I have a locked S6 together with its original unlock codes. The phone works in its original network and upon inserting a different sim card trying to unlock it, any code says that is wrong upon first attempt after which any code type says: 'network unlock successful' despite the phone remains network locked. I found out by mistyping the original codes.


The phone has been unlocked before with root at a gsm service and for 2 years I've had no problems until I reflashed the latest model of firmware the phone losing the initial unlock method. So I ordered the codes online based on IMEI from an official source to unlock it by myself and I run in the aforementioned problem. I have flashed back the initial firmware and tried all tricks in the book for a non-savvy mobile user, including playing with PUK code and unlock code in #7465625*638*# as recommended by the seller but to no avail.


It feels like the phone is not applying them in the depths of the software where this lock/unlock is located. What is strange is that upon any code at a second attempt, be it a single digit, it says that unlock is successful which of course is not the case. Is there any chance to make it fit for purpose again, to be used as a phone?


Edit to add:

The only possibilities of the codes not working that I was able to find are these, and 1. can be the case. Shall I say adios to it?


Based on these facts, we can determine the most common reasons why the Samsung unlock code is not working.

1. REASON: you changed the firmware or updated to whiter than fresh version / get root, etc.

  • SOLUTION: remove root, try to find and install the native firmware version. Be careful: when you lower the firmware, there is a risk that IMEI can "fly off". If you were able to successfully return the original firmware - do reset to factory settings and enter the codes again. Taking into account that all these manipulations are a serious interference in OS operation, the chances are that after all this the code will be adopted - extremely small.

2. REASON: the installation of a variety applications, games and third-party programs.

  • SOLUTION: remove unnecessary applications, reset to factory defaults and enter the codes again.

3. REASON: change of language.

  • SOLUTION: include the language that was set by default language at the time of purchase, reset to factory defaults and enter the codes again.