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Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drains when phone is not stationary

(Topic created on: 31-12-2020 04:43 AM)
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If I leave my phone still or stationary, my phone battery lasts for hours.
However if I make a 1 or 2 mile journey whilst leaving my phone on standby not using it, with no streaming, no calls and no bluetooth, my phone can have 65% of the battery depleted in 1 hour simply from me making a journey because my phone is changing its geographical location.
Something is obviously draining my battery in the background, but I have checked which apps are open in apps section of the settings and the battery saver and I have closed down all the apps running in the background.
How can my battery stop draining so fast when moving around?
I have done the following tasks.
  • Turning off GPS
  • Turning off Location
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Ensure that there's no streaming, no music and no phone calls
  • Turning off Wifi
  • Using the Battery Saver to close apps running in the background
I am using Android 7
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Hi @desbest 


Can you go into Settings,  Device Care and Battery and screenshot there to show battery usage and the apps using your battery. You may have to use the scroll down function to capture them all and add that to your thread here.


The Samsung Members app has a diagnostic tool and a further diagnostic option is available via dialing the following into your phone app *#0*#


Sometimes Safe Mode which stops downloaded apps from working but leaves the stock apps working helps to show if a downloaded app is misbehaving.


As your commuting it may also be that due to masts and signal connection the phone may have to be working harder to maintain said connection.


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Remove ur sim and try. If it doesn't go down, then you know it's your phone sampling too often trying to look for/change towers.
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I have used both diagnostics tools like you said. The &#0*# had nothing to do with the battery and Samsung Members said the battery life is good and the capacity is 2550 mAh.


Here's the screenshot of the battery usage in the device maintenance settings menu you requested.

By the way, I already said in my first post that I have closed all the apps running in the background with Battery Saver



I will try making the same journey while my phone is in safe mode later on.