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Please provide Micro SD card support in S22 Ultra

(Topic created on: 22-12-2021 12:47 PM)
Sachin Acharya

Dear Samsung,

First & foremost I want to thank all Samsung team & Co for giving timeIy software & security patches updates. Hope they improve further & provide updates for much longer minimum 4-5 years of major android os update & 6-7 years of security patches updates from S22 series onwards. It will boost sales, plus it reduces environment pollution.

I want to draw attention to all Samsung unit, that Samsung should not remove Micro SD card slot from their smartphones especially flagship. It doesn't take much space. Though it doesn't seem much it holds special place in fans heart along with other features Samsung removed each year since Note 10. 

Those #heart rate & oxygen saturation sensor#, #SD card#, #headphone jack# people use it according to their convenience. Those features along with others Samsung market it as for power user, to work & play. What's the use of marketing those features as special, mocked rivals for not having them & then copying stupid trend removing features from your smartphone?? Time & trend change but useful of Micro SD card whether to copydown files & store it separately or when internal storage is full remains.Heart rate & oxygen saturation sensor useful in every house in family as you never know when you need it in emergency. People feels ease when you have those features in flagship phones. 

Please atleast give S22 Ultra 12/256GB base storage , 16/512GB & all storage version with Micro SD card slot expansion options. High images and videos, apps and datas eat up storage in no time. Since S22 Ultra/Note is for power user , consumers need Micro SD card expansion. Please consider 🙏Else consumers are forced to shifts rivals.

Thank you!!