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Help with fast charging issues with portable chargers


So I have several portable chargers they used to fast charge my samsung devices one day this has just stopped and they only cable charge.

  I have an s6 and an s8 and have the exact same issue with both of them.   They will only cable charge from the portable chargers but they used to fast charge.

I have tried different cables and today I went into a phone store and the guy there tried all of his portable chargers and cables he had for sale and on both phones the same issue happened they would only cable charge even though all of the chargers i used said they fast charge on them.

He tried the portables on his own samsung and it wouldn't fast charge either.

Have samsung done some software update that stops fast charging from portable chargers?  Like I have tried 8 different ones on 3 different phones and none of them will fast charge.

It seems like something has been changed where they used to fast charge but now they don't anymore. Anyone know how to fix this? Or did Samsung mess something up on the software updates?

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Hi @guthix 


I'm on the latest update on my Note 9 and fast charging works as it should.


I have three fast charging pads which are all Samsung models.


Perhaps pop into a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre and they'll run a diagnostic test on the phone.




As I said what's weird is it's on both of my phones. It fast charges from the socket fine, but won't fast charge on any portable chargers although both phones used too.

I tried it out now with Wireless Charging 2.0,normal Wireless Fast charging,Adaptive Fast charging and normal charging.

The Wireless Charge 2.0
Works fine on S10,S8,Note9,S9+

Wireless fast charge
Fine as well

Adaptive fast charging
Works on all Devices

By Powerbank from Samsung and other companies
Everything is fine as well.
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Same problem as guthix. Did you solve it?

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