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Disable Bixby Button

(Topic created on: 16-04-2019 02:50 AM)
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Absolutely unacceptable Samsung with the removal of disabling bixby. I am furious after the ladt update. I do not want this feature at all. This was a major f up by whomever forced this. This is my last Samsung phone. Thanks for cramming uselss spyware on us.

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I AS WELL. THE FACT that you would force an update which takes away the ability to turn the app off is so incredibly invasive that I tomorrow I'm going to purchase a new phone from ANY OTHER MANUFACTURER since none are so petty as to force an app down your throat. Why would you update it just to take away the ability to turn Bixby off? Is it because everybody was turning it off? That's because ita a POS that nobody wants. So now your trying to force it on the people who have CHOOSEN to patronize your business. It's like going to a restaurant ordering a seafood plate and being served rotten fish which you ask to be sent back but instead have the waiter put you in an armbar hold your head back while another waiter shoves it in your mouth clamping your jaw shut and plugging your nose to make you swallow. REALLY. NO S***! So you lost me on this and my guess is that I'll be far from the only one. You cant force consumers to like something. They either do or they don't and if they don't it's probably for a reason so instead of trying to force it on people scrap it and try again. I guarantee this is going to prove to have a severely negative consequence for your company. And just in case you didnt get the memo no one's to big to fail anymore. The ocean that is the world's economy is changing fast, and it only takes geting caught in 1 riptide to drown. So swim wisely.....or keep doing what your doing.

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