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S8 issues after latest update

(Topic created on: 16-04-2019 01:31 PM)
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Downloaded the latest UI update over a week ago and have had nothing but issues.


1. The lighting is unstable, keeps flickering, has an awful yellow tinge to it, and randomly gets straight lines of slightly differing colours on the screen - and it is the same no matter what settings are on or off; adaptive brightness, bluelight filter, night mode, etc - it happens with all settings.

2. Camera doesn't focus anymore - oh, unless I restart the phone and go back into the camera of course.

3. Web searches have started randomly freezing when I press search or 'go'. I have to close the tab, open a new one and search again which seems to work as an interim solution for now.


On top of all of that is the cosmetics (which I can live with if the phone functioned in an acceptable manner) such as the clock being moved to the left side, text message alerts not lighting and showing on the screen so you can tell it's a text and not just a notification, the massive "messages" that takes up half the screen when you go into your text messages (just in case you forgot where you went). But as I said, I can live with the cosmetic changes if the functionality hadn't been effected.


So yeah, any ideas would be great. I've turned off and restarted the phone multiple times. I have a cache cleaner and anti-virus software on my phone (licensed), which I regularly use and have done so for years without any issues.


Not sure what else I can do... a new phone is starting to look good... and it won't be a Samsung if this latest update and related issues are any indication of what's to come... help please??