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Android Pie for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy A5 2017

(Topic created on: 11-10-2019 10:59 AM)

The galaxy S7 was a flagship phone for Samsung but yet we owners of this device have been completely looked over when it comes to the new Android Pie update. But yet other Samsung devices that are just as old are getting the upgrade. Samsung's loyal customers and owners of the galaxy s7/a5 who can't afford hundreds of dollars to purchase a new device that will get the upgrade have been thrown to the side. Samsung should reconsider its decision about the galaxy s7 and a5 getting the update. If the galaxy J can get the update shouldn't Samsung's flag ship S7/a5 from just three years ago get the update as well. Maybe it's time to give the Apple iPhone a try, they at least get four major updates in a four year period and it seems that they care a little bit more for their loyal customers. Samsung should set up and pay attention since Apple is taking more and more of their loyal customers away. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this matter

Also please sign this petition I created and don't forget to share I would highly appreciate it!!

A few days ago I was reading a Google text where explain that it's the some Google who want to join all devices under the same operating system, there are terminals with very old android versions and the diversification between manufactures and models is at maximum.


In a pair of months USA will have Android 11, while in Europe, we will start with Android 9 to ¿all?.


I have the same problem with S8+ and android 9, will be 10 or died in securities aspects?


I understand diferences between hardware and software, but a modular use inside could be the respose to this common issue :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


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I know right! The j series is budget but the A series hasn't received the update along with the powerfull Galaxy S7 and S7 edge!!! We need to make an uproar so samsung hears us out!!