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s20 fe battery draining

(Topic created on: 29-09-2022 03:44 AM)
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My samsung s20 fe battery is draining very fast its been less than a year and even there arent any background apps running the battery is draining very fast i came to know that there is a new battery problem with all the samsung phones which are aged more than 2 years their batteries swelling but my phone is not aged that much it is less than a year is samsung going to do anything regarding the battery swelling issue

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The battery swelling mostly happens to phones which were used initially and then not used for long time.

It's advisable to charge the phone to 80% and then switch it off if you intend to not use for long periods.

It would help of you post your battery usage screenshot so we have idea what's draining your battery.

It could be Google services which seems to be the most obvious reason these days especially if you use had a phone software update.

Other things could be apps using location all the time or background data with social media apps.
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Hi @Nithesh 

The batteries health should be OK after a year's usage.

I charge my battery to 100% and do not it drop below 15%.

Go into Battery and Device Care and at the bottom tap on Diagnostics.

There is an option there to test the battery.

The battery situation you've read does not affect all batteries and phone's.

A Samsung Service Centre can check the phone for you if you wish.

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 

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El Piochas

my s20 FE is giving me around 5 hours of SOT, closer to 5 than to 6, with an overall of 15-20 hours before hitting like 20-15%.
I bought my phone almost 3 weeks ago, and im still doubting if the "adaptive battery" is doing its job, I have read that is even better to turn it off, and set the brightness to and specific set, like 30-35/100.
Im trying to just accept that the battery manage of this phone is just bad, I unnpluged my phone at 6 am(100%) by 7 AM with almost no use, the battery reach like 96%, go to work from 7-1PM and the battery hits 80% with still no use(mobile data ON), so I get back home with 75% of battery left when I just was working, but it really bothers me that someone with a cheaper phone get a crazy amount of monotony