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Overheating and freezing- S21 Ultra 5G

(Topic created on: 11-08-2022 05:35 PM)

In 2021 10, I have purchased the S21 Ultra 5g exclusively to film my videos. However, even with all apps shut down, location and other services off, and Airplance Mode ON, the phone overheats and the video simply stops without any notification. 

I have been using Apple for around 20 years and decided to shift to Samsung because of its simplicity to transfer and upload files. However, I regret it deeply. 

Is Samsung going to recall this product or is there any real solution that Samsung has offered? 

Thank you. 

Galaxy S21 5G 

I had a Samsung g20 which was OK.
But Sky phoned me offering, I thought, about having the soon to be released g22. I was misinformed, they sent the g21. This is the worst phone I have had in 30 years. I am now stuck in a contact, paying for something I don't like.

@CosmoNanciThe camera on your Galaxy phone is capable of recording Ultra HD and 8K videos. However, video resolutions this high require a great deal of processing and battery power. To prevent your phone from overheating, higher resolution videos have a 10-minute recording limit, but you can choose a lower resolution to extend your recording time.

Open the Camera app > Tap the resolution icon at the top of the screen, above the viewfinder > Choose from any of the FHD or HD options for an extended recording time. 

Big Cheese
G20/21/22? Do you mean S20/21/S22 or something else? 🤔
Big Cheese
You are in a very bad situation @CosmoNanci and if I were in your shoes I would be quite angry and deflated to say the least. I own a 15 month old Exynos S21 Ultra 5g and regularly take it on my personal Photoshoots where I will take around 100 pictures on average and three or four 4K 60fps videos running typically 5 minutes each and my phone gets pleasantly warm but never anything more. My photoshoots last about an hour to an hour and a half on average. Why two versions of the same phone should behave so differently is so hard to say. I leave background apps open and have my screen on high brightness also. All I know is that your phone should not be behaving as it is and it is no wonder you are disappointed in the thing. You seriously need to have your phone looked at by a service centre or get some online help to at least figure out what the root of your problem is, be it a hardware or software issue?. You are paying good money for your phone and it is not fair that people like me are getting what we paid for whereas you are not. Can I ask if this problem only occurs when shooting 8K video or , as I suspect, when shooting video at a lesser resolution just to clarify things??... 👍 👍