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30+ posts on Echo problem with no real solutions

(Topic created on: 25-05-2022 08:10 PM)
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I've noticed there are over 30 posts with thousands of views on here over the past two years about the echo problem that people on the other end of our phones have while talking to users of the latest Samsung phones. It's embarrassing when it's an official work call and a nuisance when a friend or family calls.

The supposed "solutions" don't work for long (rebooting to Safe Mode, turning off wifi calling, etc).  I've told people to call my landline which is more reliable. I'm guessing Samsung is unaware of this problem or chooses to ignore it since it's been two years it's been happening to people with no real fix. I'm also guessing people from Samsung don't monitor this Community, so what's the point?

Often the most common reason for an echo is handfree speaker echo.

So no reboot, no need to uninstall it all, just turn your volume down.

No need for a fix, as it's not a problem that Samsung or network can fix, it's basic stuff.

By each end using speaker handfree, you create a simple echo or reverb of sound. All each end needs to do is reduce volume, or one end to use buds or something.

When a speaker and a mic work at the same time, sometimes they create a loop, and this only happens when both are on loud.

It's similar to the screech you get at a music concert, but not at quite such volumes.

As someone speaks the speaker outs out the sou d, but at the same time the mic picks up that sound, and the loop or echo starts. If you both used buds or headphones, then you wouldn't get an echo.

Sometimes it's purely down to network quality, but vast majority is down to using the speaker on a call.
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