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Tagging Faces/ People Gone...🚫

(Topic created on: 11-02-2024 12:59 PM)
I have upgraded from an S10 to S24 and a feature is now missing, or I can't find it .

That feature is face/ people tagging in gallery. I don't mean the standard tags for images. I mean the function that scans every face in your gallery and then allows you to define who that person is. You can find every picture of that person across the entire gallery.

You used to be able to open an image with faces in it. The click an icon that would let you define who that face belongs too.

The images with faces already defined carried over from the S10. And when open those images I can see the person's tagged face. Click on it and it will pull up all images with that face. But I can no longer define new faces. As that function seems to be missing on the s24. 

Weirdly, it looks like Samsung Haven't ditch the feature as you have an option to automatically create folders based on defined faces. Meaning if a new picture is taken and it has the face of my kid in it that photo will be automatically added to that folder. If you click the option you get the menu option showing all defined faces on the phone, which you can select and create an automatic folder.

Does anyone know if the face define feature is still available on the s24? Have they forgot to add it to the new Ui? It's weird that they have made a song and dance about Ai features and took that 4 year old feature away...


@Rob_1938480: This option should be accessible by opening the Gallery app, then tapping the magnifying glass symbol in the top right corner of the screen and checking the 'People' section. To expand the results, tap the '>' button to the right. Let me know if this helps. 

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Just switched from iPhone to android and also have this problem. Tried a live agent and they couldn't figure it out. No selection for people in the top right. No people tagged in any of my photos. Do I just need to wait for a fix?



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I got the new S24 Ultra and I'm experiencing the same problem. It worked at first but it was very glitchy. It would recognize people's faces but center a different face on the thumbnail leading to incorrect tagging with no option to re tag or fix.

After a while, it just stopped working altogether. 


I've switched to Google photos because their face tagging works, but I wish I could keep just the native gallery app since it has AI features and I also hate to have two apps for the same purpose.

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Hi. I have same issue. Your answer only works on photos I synced across. Not on any photos taken on the s24. Please help. Thanks

I have the same issue. Only old photos from my S23 are tagged. For new photos taken on my S24 it's not working. 

It's not only face, but also text recognition. On my S23 I was able to take a photo of a document and then use the search function to search for a text in the document and the image would show up in the results. Not working anymore at all...

Very disappointing for such an expensive phone. Where can I file a bug report?