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Galaxy Camera & Editor

(Topic created on: 16-06-2024 09:56 PM)
Hiya Samsung Team 👋
With Galaxy AI and photography & videography being so important to the future of Samsung phones, here is my wishlist for Galaxy Camera: a new photo app.

Hardware core 🖥
The ISOCELL 2 tech must be accompanied by higher resolution sensors across the range, a more versatile array of lenses, and larger sensors which should be developed alongside Sony to develop more natural photos.

Interface 📱
Simplification is critical. Think of the Google Camera app. Less on screen that you don't want to see, more of what you do. Galaxy Camera must take the controls off the top of the screen, and simplify into the pre-shot settings and post-shot settings in collapsed menus within reach of a single settings press. Gone would be the settings page.
Add to that a modes button, and the standard zoom selectors, and you have the foundations of a simple point and shoot experience.

Magic Editor 🎩 🪄 
When you use Google Camera and Photos, you get features that open up possibilities for using AI to enhance and reimagine your memories. It's time to bring some magic through AI to Galaxy Gallery.

Through Magic Editor, you should be able to select and edit on an object by object basis, globally, and purely background. You should be able to edit the usual tint, exposure, etc. Also, imagining the scene in a different background or ai generating a different style for the selected objects would help to bring memories to life in shareable and fun ways. Change size, delete, and select your best takes for faces all from one place.

A Magic Editor must also have access to all the filters (including the fun and quirky ones) and stickers, adding ai generated stickers and emojis built into either the Editor or Samsung Keyboard.

In terms of video... auto rotoscoping and replacing or deleting objects or people within scenes would empower smaller content creators to more easily create exciting projects. Separate audio tracks and change volume of different sources on the fly, instant slow mo and reimagining all for the same goal.