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Smart Switch can not transfer?

(Topic created on: 17-06-2024 03:34 AM)
First Poster

hi all, first time here.

I've had a Galaxy Express 3 (AT&T) for many years. I have just purchased a refurbished Galaxy S10e. The Express 3 has 8GB internal memory and a 16 GB SD card. The S10e has 256 GB internal memory and a 512 GB SD card. I am trying to transfer all of my stuff from the Express 3 to teh S10e, using a USB cable. They connect well but when the S10e finishes analyzing the data for transfer, i get a message sayng that there is not enough room for a backup and that I should go on to the Express 3 and delete a lot of data or the transfer cannot be made. So I go back in and try to transfer less of my stuff, but I still he new et the error message.
I'm stuck, I can't transfer my stuff to the new phone! Help!!