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Smart view broken since Sept upgrade


Since my Galaxy tab A 10.5 was upgraded to Pie in Sept, Smart View no longer has a stable connection to my Samsung tv.  Looking around it seems quite a widespread problem and not restricted to any one model or device.

What plans do Samsung have to fix this and how long will we have to wait?



Thanks for that, Ken. We've let our developers know and will get back to you as soon as we hear.

Cheers, @Ken-H ! The developers say the issue in your case appears to be the general Wi-Fi connection rather than the app. Have you noticed any issues with your phone's/tablet's Wi-Fi since the update?

Hi Ant,

No issues whatsoever with wifi.  The router is in fact only about 10 feet away from where I sit.  Tablet always connects perfectly for games, video, internet etc.
I've tried the TV on the same wifi and also wired to the same network, both with the same results.


Something has obviously been downgraded with the Samsung Pie "upgrade" as this has happened to other devices, not just my Tab A.  Did they say anything about the change in graphics handling others have suggested? (ie, OpenGL to Skia)

Thanks @Ken-H - I've fed that back to the software team. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


We're still awaiting a reply from the developers regarding the Skia OGL versus "Default" OGL renderer.

Hi AntS,
Any news on this?




Hi @Ken-H . No further news on this as of yet. 

Hi @Ken-H . The developers have replied that they found your Wi-Fi network to be "congested", i.e. in the error report they analysed they found that there appeared to be several devices connected to the router at the same time, which is either contributing to or obscuring the Smart View connection issue.


They've recommended unplugging/plugging the TV and Wi-Fi router, having only the minimum devices needed for the Smart View connection connected to the router; and if the issue occurs in that instance to send an error report with log files immediately after it does.

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Thanks for trying Ant. I'm afraid I can't do as you suggest though so I guess I'm just going to have to live with the fact that Samsung broke it with the Pie upgrade and can't fix it. I now have an Android TV box which does the job nicely.

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No worries, Ken-H. Glad you've found a decent alternative, even if it's not entirely what we were all aiming for.


Hopefully other peeps out there can follow what we've done so far and chip in. :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

I have connection issues with my Samsung tablet A to my TV using both of my screenbeam Mini2 devices which have its own Wi-Fi so it has nothing to do with my home network. 


The video and audio it's choppy only when using my tablet A Model # SM-T580. My Samsung Note 5 phone works fine.

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