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Original topic:

Samsung trade-in issues

(Topic created on: 24-11-2020 11:53 AM)

Maybe someone can help with the device lost within the Samsung trade-in program.


Story in brief:

In March, I bought a new Samsung S20. I registered a purchase in the local Samsung trade-in website program so that Samsung could buy back the old Galaxy S9.

The courier code came, but the package with which no. I contacted local Samsung support, who sent me a new package.
I sent the old device with courier and it's been 8 months, but no refunds have been made.

During these 8 months, Samsung is so promising that there will be a refund right away. In the summer, I even received an unexpected call that the device was found and everything would be fine immediately.

Yesterday, after the consumer protection center intervention, I received a sudden message from Samsung that they are not responsible for the trade-in program and to contact a liquidated company in Estonia.


The result is that with Samsung's support, the device which is worth at least a few hundred euros is sent to a company that has now gone bankrupt. Samsung itself says that there is no longer anything to do with the device and the trade-in company.
Maybe someone can get help me with such atypical issue :).
Thanks to the community for your support.



Hi @Kaspars 


This is not what we like to hear. Could you tell us where you're based please.


Hi ChrisM,


I am based in Latvian. Samsung Electronics Baltic SIA is a company which operates here in Baltic states.


To be honest it all seems like a some kind of scam. For last 6 month I only received copy-pate answers from them that they have issues and I will be paid soon. How soon they never couldn`t answer me.


It has now been 8 month since I shipped my device and I have only communicated with Samsung Electronics Baltic SIA.

Last week after many promises I suddenly received an e-mail which stated that I have to contact company Redeem Nordics OÜ (11956374) - without mentioning any contact details. They stated that they are the ones responsible for my device (for eight month I have never contacted a person from this company and all communications was completed only  by Samsung Electronics Baltic SIA support by e-mail or by phone).


As there were no contact information about this company I searched in Estonian company register which showed up that this company Redeem Nordics OÜ (11956374) has been liquidated  a month ago. Just in the time when they forwarded responsibilities from them to another Estonian company.


I replied twice to the last e-mail but without an answer. I do not believe such a company as Samsung is should treat their long term clients in such a scam manner especially when I informed them that I am opened to solve this situation in any way. I am a businessman and know that everything could happen - my phone could be lost, Covid situation etc. but treating clients like scammer are unacceptable.


Perhaps international Samsung support could help me solving this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance ChrisM.



PS. I have also posted this in our local community but have only received supportive messages from other users not from Samsung support team.