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Samsung Members app - How to send an error report if you've got Samsung smartphone or tablet software issues

(Topic created on: 16-02-2024 07:40 AM)

Members.pngHi all!

Whenever you encounter a software issue on a Samsung smartphone, tablet, or wearable it's a great idea to send an error report with log files and an accurate description via the Samsung Members app. This will not only alert the developers to that issue, but also give them good information to analyse what's going on, and produce effective advice and a fix more quickly.


How to send an error report: quick steps


As soon as you can after the issue occurs (within 15 minutes is best):

Samsung Members > Support > Send feedback > Error Reports > [select error type] > choose frequency of issue, and write an accurate and good description (and attach any screenshots/pictures/videos showing the issue if you want/are able to) > tick ‘Send system log data’ > Send (the > icon on the top right).

(Or, for a shortcut: Long-press the Samsung Members icon on the Apps screen, and select 'Error reports' from the dropdown menu, and follow the steps from there.)

That will send that report and log files for the Samsung developers to analyse.


How to send an error report: steps with screenshots


As soon as you can after an issue occurs (within 15 minutes is best):


1. Launch the Samsung Members app, and tap on Support on the bottom menu:


Screenshot_20231218_162218_Samsung Members_b.jpg


2. Scroll down to Send feedback, and tap on Error reports:


Screenshot_20231218_162218_Samsung Members_c.jpg


3. Select the most relevant category to your issue:


Screenshot_20231218_162235_Samsung Members.jpg


4. Complete the error report with the frequency and an accurate description of the issue. Make sure 'Send system log data' is ticked in order to send software log files to the developers:


Screenshot_20231218_162254_Samsung Members.jpg


5.a. You can also attach files as supporting evidence demonstrating the issue by tapping the paperclip icon on the top right:


Screenshot_20231218_162254_Samsung Members_b.jpg


5. b. Which will allow you to attach screenshots and voice recordings, along with photos and videos:


Screenshot_20231218_162312_Samsung Members.jpg


6. Once done, just press the arrow on the top right to send:


Screenshot_20231218_162254_Samsung Members_c.jpg


That will send that report and log files for the Samsung developers to analyse.


You can check into error reports you've sent, and any replies to them, by tapping into Check feedback you've sent:


Screenshot_20231218_162218_Samsung Members_c.jpg



Shortcut steps with screenshots


Long-press the Samsung Members app icon to get a pop-up menu, and tap into Error reports to get straight to Step 3.


Screenshot_20231218_162113_One UI Home.jpg


(As a kind of 'life-hack' for error reports, if I can, I try to prep the description (using Samsung Notes) and any supporting evidence such as screenshots/recordings in advance, and then when the issue occurs again I can more speedily put together the error report. Appreciate that it can't always be done though.)


The more accurate information the developers get on something the better, so use the Samsung Members Community to see if others are encountering the same thing as you are, and if they are, to encourage them to send error reports on it too!


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SO much time lost without correction of this "update bug", please propose a reasonable solution... I think I will change my S22 (will go today to my provider shop as they sent an email about S24 upgrades...) but I am not so confident about Samsung updates now...  any idea/proposal?


Sending the report is Ok, the question is "Where is the feedback?"

So I sent several times, looks like sending to black hole.


The same issue. What is done with our data? no feedback, so please suppress my sent data!

And get diected right back to the community
First Poster

I want to one ui 6.1 that the best ui on Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra right now.