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Samsung Health App: Weight management. You killed it! Care to comment, Samsung?

(Topic created on: 07-08-2020 10:00 PM)

Job Well Done - Samsung. You did it!


I just watched Unpacked 2020. What caught my ear and my eye was President & Head of Samsung mobile, TM Roh and his words regarding Samsung's commitments, (and I'm quoting).

"To support a healthy lifestyle when we all need it most."... "That's our mission at Samsung. It's on top of my mind every morning when I wake up, and every night when I go to bed."

Unfortunately, TM must have fallen asleep when the manager for the Samsung Health App told him that he is scrapping the weight management, calorie logger and caffeine counter. The move which turned the app and existing Galaxy Smartwatches into an expensive step counter. 

In the industrial world, the biggest issue with health is weight management. People are overweight and obese and it is one of the absolutely most important issues regarding heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and apnea, and yes, I could continue, the list is long.

Yet you take these features and bin them and I should now invest in an Smartwatch that can possibly sometimes in the future be able to read that my ECG is alarmingly high, my blood saturation is awful and my sleep rhythm is up the walls.
How about your mission - to "suport a healthy lifestyle"? To work proactively. How about keeping the features that count the most? 


I challenge you Samsung. Give me any good reason why you shut down the services in the Health app if you want to live up to "innovation". There is no real medical or health professional in your team who can say - we did a good job shutting it down!


Who was the genius?


I challenge Samsung to comment. 

well said 👏
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completely agree, dismiss the decision maker. cheaper Fitbit beats you now.
I've been chatting with Samsung UK support via Twitter for a few weeks after it was announced to the German customer base in mid July.
Scarily, the UK support team seemed to know nothing about the removal of the weight management feature from Samsung Health. there was no heads up prior to its removal for UK customers, even the update changelog doesn't mention it?!

I have got nowhere with finding out why they removed such a fundamental feature. I used it daily to lose 2 stone which I put on after being bed bound for 3 months.

I've been using Samsung Galaxy phones since the S2 & upgrade every 1-2 years. I've had 2 Samsung Smartwatches, even a smart oven from them.

I was due to upgrade my Note 9 to the Note 20 Ultra, my Galaxy Watch 46mm to the Galaxy Watch 3 and my Galaxy Buds to the Buds live this month.......

Sadly, this unnecessary and inexcusable change has made the Samsung ecosystem useless to me, and many other users now.

So, I've got nowhere and decided to vote with my feet....... I just replaced my Galaxy Watch with a Garmin Fenix 6X Pro (which is absolutely fantastic!) and I've moved from Samsung Health to Garmin Connect for my fitness tracking (its perfectly syncing calories from food logged in MyFitnessPal).
The range and standard of data collation and analytics in the Garmin Connect app is fantastic, in hindsight Samsung's "fitness" offering is like a kids toy.... they did me a favour by forcing me to switch! 😃

My Galaxy Note 9 is due for an upgrade too, but I feel so strongly at Samsungs total disregard for its passing customers that I'm no longer considering the Note 20 Ultra..... I'm now closely looking at OnePlus, Xiaomi and Google phones as they seem more customer focused and attractive to me now.....

So after 10 years of loyal custom to Samsung and many thousands of pounds of my money...... Goodbye Samsung!

Yes! I would like Samsung to comment. Admins and moderators answer other questions here, but I don't see anyone even letting out a peep or a fart about why Samsung did this or that they will report it back to Samsung. I guess they are just minions in this game and they are afraid it will look bad going against the boss. 


I'm not afraid to say the obvious - What the hell were you thinking Samsung?? Are you totally out of your minds??


All I am getting are pre formatted replies via the Samsung Members app.


Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. 
Kindly know that this feature is no longer supported but I have labelled your inquiry as a suggestion for the developing department to review... (bla bla bla)

I will be pressing re-submit until I get a proper reply.

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rubbish decision made the app worthless for me