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Why remove the weight management widget

(Topic created on: 07-08-2020 10:21 PM)

As someone interested in keeping a healthy body, I used the widget to both lose weight and gain weight with an end goal of reducing my body fat percentage and gaining muscle mass. It was very useful. What's the point of removing functionality from your apps? This app is useless to me now.


Anyone know of better apps that have this feature?


I'm very upset with this change and have started a look for a better app unless it is brought back.

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completely agree
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agree! I went and bought the galaxy fit because I really liked this app for this very feature, only to discover this morning all my data is gone! absolutely ridiculous! trying to lose weight and they've removed the one feature that allowed you to calculate ans track calorie deficits needed to lose weight. bring it back, Samsung!
the app my fitness pal can pair with Samsung health app. you can record what you eat and track your weight through it.

I had just started using the weight management as I've put on a bit of weight the past year and was loving the health app. now having to use two apps is a little annoying as I can't pair my samsung watch with the new app
I've been chatting with Samsung UK support via Twitter for a few weeks after it was announced to the German customer base in mid July.
Scarily, the UK support team seemed to know nothing about the removal of the weight management feature from Samsung Health. there was no heads up prior to its removal for UK customers, even the update changelog doesn't mention it?!

I have got nowhere with finding out why they removed such a fundamental feature. I used it daily to lose 2 stone which I put on after being bed bound for 3 months.

I've been using Samsung Galaxy phones since the S2 & upgrade every 1-2 years. I've had 2 Samsung Smartwatches, even a smart oven from them.

I was due to upgrade my Note 9 to the Note 20 Ultra, my Galaxy Watch 46mm to the Galaxy Watch 3 and my Galaxy Buds to the Buds live this month.......

Sadly, this unnecessary and inexcusable change has made the Samsung ecosystem useless to me, and many other users now.

I've tried using Samsung Health and MyFitnessPal together, but I found that they don't sync properly (the food info I entered in MyFitnessPal syncs to Samsung Health as "my fitness Pal meal"which isn't very useful.

So, I've got nowhere with Samsung and the alternative apps if I keep using Samsung devices are poor to say the least..... so I've decided to vote with my feet....... I just replaced my Galaxy Watch with a Garmin Fenix 6X Pro (which is absolutely fantastic!) and I've moved from Samsung Health to Garmin Connect for my fitness tracking (its perfectly syncing calories from food logged in MyFitnessPal).
The range and standard of data collation and analytics in the Garmin Connect app is fantastic, in hindsight Samsung's "fitness" offering is like a kids toy.... they did me a favour by forcing me to switch! 😃

My Galaxy Note 9 is due for an upgrade too, but I feel so strongly at Samsungs total disregard for its passing customers that I'm no longer considering the Note 20 Ultra..... I'm now closely looking at OnePlus, Xiaomi and Google phones as they seem more customer focused and attractive to me now.....

So after 10 years of loyal custom to Samsung and many thousands of pounds of my money...... Goodbye Samsung!
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I had the weight management feature this morning then I think got an updaye and, poof, gone! Ugh. And the amount if caffeine tracker. Ridiculous!!

yes I agree with you
and what I did install the previous application and work fine im Happy 😊

Samsung Galaxy has in my opinion failed to inform customers of the removal of both the weight management and burnt calories widgets after a firmware update. 

They have also failed miserably in following their own website, on Your Rights under the Australian Consumer Laws.

Basically under Australian Consumer laws with reference to Statutory Remedies, a major failure occurs when 

  • Goods ARE NOT  reasonably fit for a purpose disclosed, either expressly or by implication, and relied upon by the consumer;

Weight management is a pre sale function of the watch, for the reason why many consumers purchased the watch in the first place.

Under the ACL, a major failure will occur where:
  • The goods would not have been acquired by a reasonable consumer if they were aware of the issue;
  • There is a significant departure from the supply description, or sample or demonstration model;
  • If one of the following occurs which cannot be remedied easily within a reasonable time:
  • The goods are substantially unfit for their purpose; or
  • The goods are unfit for a disclosed purpose made known prior to acquisition. 

Samsung has returned my two watches three times from their service department stating that the watches are operating within  Samsung's specifications. 

What that informs me is that I have taken good care of both watches. So no user fault is proven three times. However Samsung completely ignores Australian Consumer Law and is not providing a remedy of either fixing the problem or issuing a refund.

I urge people before purchasing watches from Samsung to understand what they are buying into as Samsung has repeatedly shown to change the pre-sale purpose of both watches as a stand alone Weight management tool and refuse a customer their rights under ACL. 

I hope that people who would consider purchasing anything from any company that if for example be it an electric car with a electronic fuel gauge that is later removed after a firmware update. Then the customer purchasing the car should be concerned. So buyer be aware please.