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S20 FE 5G firmware update with "smart switch" crashing

(Topic created on: 07-04-2024 03:24 PM)
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I have a new S20 FE 5G, Firmware update with "smart switch" working endlessly with screen "Software update environment will be configured. don't unplug the cable connection to PC". Using Win10. Bildschirmfoto_2024-04-07_14-55-44.png
  It works and works, so far for 2 hours. Its already my second test. It won't come to end. No protocol, no hint how long this "configuration" will last normally, seems to be a typical stupid windows app for stupid people who like so sit in from of their computer for hours and only look to the screen :winking-face:
I tested already two high quality cables. They connect, download fotos is possbile. But obviously update not.

BTW: no data / firmware is downloaded meanwhile, I control my internet budget, I have no flatrate, I pay for every MB.
BTW2: the update with internal update function fails, after downloading 1,4 GB : "Couldn't install update. Try updating using Smart Switch on your computer or contact Customer service"

That new S20 FE 5G I purchased 1 week ago. Its not making 4G, only 3G. "LTE"/ "LTE+" is recognized, but when transfering data then it stalls ... partially goes down to "H+" = 3G, then data transfer possbible with 0,8MB per second or continues with "LTE" on top of screen and the same: only 0,8MB per second. Same with 2 service providers, 4G /3G/ 2G antennas in 100m distance, 100% reception. Firmware 1.July 2023. The latest firmware update only corrects small bugs, increase stability. Not repairs 4G, right? - So give it back to seller, hardware is damaged, no quality control of samsung before selled, right? (additionally in first 2 days after purchase the smartphones display consists of millions colored dots, reacted to input with finger, after 2 days it disappeared suddenly, and didn't come back so far, display works since 5 days)