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Google Home and Philips Hue

(Topic created on: 20-08-2022 02:40 PM)

Hi, for the last 3 days or since the last firmware update ive been having problems with Google Home And Philips Hue    it started with Google home, i had the philips hue, works with google working for many years, just adding new things as and when i got them.


The other day my wife gave google a command to switch on cooker lights, the reply eas not setup.


So i load philips hue, to cut it short, i logged out, and now cannot log back in.


Something has changed in the new firmwear.


Im Using the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra, other strange things started to happen like my google cameras no longer work.


So i switched on my old Samsung galaxy S21+ and low and behold everything is ok, i can log into philips hue, switch on out of home, all is fine.


I then load google home on my old phone and i cod add back the philips hue, works with google once more.


My wife has the S22 ultra, but phone needs to be setup as my google account, so cant test it.


Anybody know of problems with the s21 ulta firmwear?


I really dont need to buy a new S22 so soon do i? Or am i out of date, i assume if im still getting updates, or are those updates just security updates and the phone is outdated now?


Any security settings that might be causing this?


Thanks, any help no matter what make of phone you got everything else on the phone is fine, even google has lots of smart life devices etc                     John