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Impossible to edit Office 365 items in Calendar app

(Topic created on: 27-08-2019 09:49 AM)
Mobile Apps & Services

When I make an office 365 calendar item on my laptop (Even without invitees) I can't edit these items in the Samsung calendar app on my s10e anymore. I can't change the time or anything. This wasn't a problem before (say, till a week ago or so).

When I make the item on the phone however, there is no problem editing items afterwards.

I noticed there is a difference though: when I make the appointment item on my laptop in the office365 cloud portal I myself am always an invitee, and when the items gets synced to my phone it's like I'm not the owner of the item anymore. It's like getting invited to a meeting which is made by someone else. Those items can't be edited either, which is supposed to work that way. 

I deleted the account from my phone and resynced everything, this didn't solve anything. Anyone else noticed this?

The calendar app became sort of useless now since I need to edit calendar items quite often...