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Feature suggestions for Reminder

(Topic created on: 12-08-2021 02:13 PM)
Mobile Apps & Services

1. List specific widgets

2. Option to change the colour of the default list

3. Support for pdf files, YouTube links, Microsoft Office files, WhatsApp messages etc similar to SMS, Notes, webpages etc. I have to convert pdfs to a Note and open YouTube links in the browser as a workaround.

4. I understand that it's a feature to be able to add a reminder directly from an SMS or Note but I would like to have a switch for this. I personally would prefer to be able to choose the list, reminder data, title etc before it is added.

5. The option to see the calendar to choose a date is only available if you select 'All Day'. Sometimes, one may need a notification years later and need to select a specific time for it. In this case, it is very tedious to scroll through individual days to be able to select your choice. A workaround is to select 'All Day', select the date and then choose the time.