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Game launcher and game optimising service are quite useless after android 10 update

(Topic created on: 27-04-2020 10:33 AM)
Anonymous User
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I want to open this post in this community too.

Sadly when i update to android 10 game launcher was updated to a new version too.

However the new version has lost all functionality. You cannot have single game options, you cannot reduce the resolution for a single game and there is no more the possibility to add an fps cap... plus now game launcher options only work with what are recognised as games, so if you add another app to the launcher it will not take advantage of the options you selected, while before it worked.....


I chose the s10 plus also for the game launcher features and having them removed is quite upsetting... the feedback provided to samsung members in nearly 6 months has brought no result.


This is now creating me problems because i am working with feral interactive to test a new grid autosport android beta for the multiplayer. When i tested the full game release in beta in may-july 2019 the game was not recognised as a game by game launcher but the options were still applied and worked. Now with the new version this beta is again not recognised as a game but if last time game optimising service worked flawlessy, the new limitation after the update is preventing me from having it while testing in beta and this is creating me various problems both with the other app notifications while gaming and with the game testing with various power profiles itself.


I hope this feedback is not left here but will be took into consideration and will help the devs to decide to re add the functionality back, because at this current moment i may need to switch brand to be able to do my testing.


Have a good day.