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The wasted potential of the customizable one ui.

(Topic created on: 05-09-2022 04:36 PM)
Adding good lock into oneui settings would merge the one ui and good lock team together so the one ui team could enhance the features as a serious implimentation as currently instances like bixby routines plus aren't as feature rich as they could be if worked on. 
Or the wasted potential of home up > back up and restore section. It currently cant save the wallpaper of selected save, its backup of the homecreen has a limit of 20 with no ingergration of any third part launcher homescreen setups ( placements of apps and widgets of ie .novabackup file). I say this because samsung has partnered bwith meta to improve compatibility of camera into messagibg apps so if good lock was ingergrated into one ui i would assume they would partner and increase compatibility with different customization vendors. 

With IOS 16 and it's different presets of the lock screen this could be achieved through lockstar. Or the enhanced customization of the always on display of rival Chinese brands could also be achieved but it hasn't because not enough people are working on it thus creating immense wasted potential. 

Why isnt good lock integrated with one ui?

At least the unit section - installed through good lock app e.g. lockstar, homeup not theme park, keys cafe.

( just got update and seems to be following one ui setting theme slightly more, does anyone know if the good lock team are planning or asking to integrate?)

They may still be third party developers but samsung should have realised its potential by now and adopted them more tightly since they are already trusted by samsung so im sure security isn't a reason.
This should be added in one ui settings perhaps in a separate section under all main settings that needs to be activated like developer options does. Therefore if the average consumer isnt looking for it then they won't find it since im sure one reason samsung hasn't added it yet is because of the criticism they had gotten for years for bloatware. Yet when people ask for it they don't give it.

This would spread awareness to people about oneui's customization and make it a lag free experience while not being region locked.

Rant beyond usless to question.

Take their decision to scrap the rotating bezel on the watch 5 series even though people asked for it.

Or the removal of mst on samsung pay 4 years earlier than mastercard, the only thing keeping people from going to google pay.

This reoccurring pattern with samsung and wasted potential is ridiculous.

Take their decision to decline the offer to aquire android or the decision to let go of the 3000 R&D engineers to later create a 'dream team'.

Or their mistake to stop focusing on their ship building sector to be dethroned and now have to spend large amounts instead of steady investments. This is how apple now towers over samsung when the roles were heavily reversed a decade ago. 

Every company makes mistakes or fails to cease opportunities however samsung seems to be particularly good at it.

However I am certainly proud to own a Samsung phone as the pioneers of big phones and semiconductors like image sensors and arguably the most customizable android system however the yern for more is always present.