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S10+, Theme Park "fail to generate a theme"

(Topic created on: 10-02-2022 09:01 AM)
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I have a issue with the theme park app. Trying to replace the icons with both a icon pack from Galaxy store and play store, both don't work keeps giving me the error "fail to generate a theme" my S10+ is now on OneUI4 and this is running android 12 just like S20, S21 and above so this shouldn't be a compaiblity issue.

Did sending this to Samsung themselves said that people would look into it and they would respond back however that was like a month ago and I have yet to hear back.😕

Tried the typical stuff (reinstall, force close, etc.) nothing worked, anyone here had that issue and managed to fix it?

To be Frank just got the ONEUI 4.0 update that would probably be the last for this phone and even that it took ages to come to this phone it isn't complete, wanted to change ALL the icons to colour pallet for a slight more bit of customisation but can't even have that, and the irony is that is a Android 12stock feature and you see this on Google's own Pixel phones, the most stock you can get! (literally that phones selling point) for some reason Samsung removed that. So trying to find workarounds that will work with the stock launcher but running in to rubbish like this with semi-offical Samsung apps (theme park are a division of Samsung) and the main reason I say this is half baked as well as you may already know thisonly applies to Samsungs own apps and even more irony here but not even all of them.


Apply to icons is available for me this is just for example