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Extremely heated S20 FE

(Topic created on: 19-10-2022 10:15 PM)
I'm baffled at how Samsung keeps on doing these ..tho In my household all the devices are surprisingly Samsung but they don't seem to appreciate any thing or give any dmn about their customer reviews. My new 360 Samsung laptop bought with so much chaos with their 'wonderful' services after so long with sooo cheap costing only about £1600ish heats up like no tomorrow.

NOW my phone S20 FE, which is crazy how I've gotten so used the the missed up heating up of the device. Rcently, getting extremely heated up to the dangerous level and forcing me to put it near really cool area or even near the freezer their heating up bozoing is just going up the level. Even after spending my student lifetime savings on them I get this wonderful outcomes. I'm thinking of moving to a different phone company after my usage this will be my last time buying anything Samsung unless they change I'm sure they care a lot about me lol they will give so much dmn about me leaving thanku you Samung I appreciate u appreciating me. Good day.