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(Topic created on: 19-10-2022 05:56 PM)
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So is anyone else having the same issue as me?

One minute your samsung account is safe and secure to your wants and needs and now facing the forced changes to your security settings or preferences?

Because samsung is now going the same way apple have and forced theyre 2 factor pish on us just to get more of our what is called personal and private information? well its supposed to be private and personal but clearly not to the scum in big business who lie to us saying its not shared or sold to gain money for themselves at our expense!

Does nobody else have concerns on this considering samsung are supposed to be apple enemies in the business you know competition of which they actually helped theyre customers where apple dont but now samdung seem to be doing as apple did and forcing new not worth the ***** its spouted from bull mouths! so basically samsung is now apple copycats and liars also!

Ps i dont have that 2 step verification setup and its now locked me out my samsung account and soon my device so how is this not forced and when will the scum realise we dont want sold to the highest bidder for more scams and pish to ruin our lives thanks to the big tech scumbags!

Oh if anyone knows of a link or protest link against the privacy invading scum that is big tech anf government then do share it as there are millions out there who want theyre privacy back in theyre hands not the hands of scum like appl or samsung or others!

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I don't get it, how does going two factor authentication affect your privacy?

Two factor authentication is an extra layer of security to your account ensuring that it can't be broken in to so easily