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Context menu ORDER when selecting text/photo/video...etc especially text.

(Topic created on: 27-02-2024 09:46 AM)
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Samsung please! Give us the ability to decide the order of the options in the context menu when selecting a text, photo, video ...etc.

I shouldn't need to click on the three dots  to see further options to copy and paste text. If I want to use a different translator, I want the translator app of my choice to appear first. Especially when your own translator doesn't have a language package for where I live.

One good thing is that it is now possible to tick some apps on and off from the menu which is neat if it works. Unfortunately, there is a bug where even after enabling the translator of my choice to appear in the menu, it still hasn't appeard in the context menu so far. 

The worst is when you download a program like Microsoft 365 and [without your consent] it becomes the fist option in the context menu taking 80% of the space in the small menu and as a result pushing many of the other options out where you will need to click the three dots to see them. That's where my copy and paste ended up. Absolute idiocy.

Just make it so that the user is able to pick and sort the options in the list based on their own needs and be done with it please. I'm tired of guessing whether the menu will he messed up again Every time I download a new app!! Not only apps too. Someone might decide to never copy a text again. That's a ridiculous example but hey who am I to decide what people want to do with their phones? So even the copy and paste should be removable. With that you can allow all sorts of other options to be added like text to speech or screenshot ..etc. It just makes more sense that way so I'm really wondering why is it not that way by default? 

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Yeah we need more flexibility

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Allow us to set custom order please!!