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Calendar: Show time in month view and add agenda view

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Hi, it would be great if there was an option in the month view of calendar to show the start time of events.


Also please add an alternative "filofax-style" week view that shows all the days of the week in a two-column arrangement like an old-style personal organiser. This is way better for viewing on a phone screen than the Outlook-style week view where you have to scroll up and down between morning and evening appointments.


Take a look at the "weekcal" app on iOS, which has had both these features for years and is pretty much the market leader for smartphone calendar design.




Hi @apexcorner 


We've sent this off to our Development Team. We'll let you know what they come back with.




Hi @apexcorner 


We've just had this back in response to your suggestion:


"Developers say that the design of the current week view aligns with the rest of the view, such as month view and day view. They understand that there are benefits of the view proposed, but they also notice that many users like current view of the week. When the developers spot more requests to implement the suggested changes, they will reconsider the suggestion".


Many thanks for the suggestion and keep them coming!



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