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Samsung health not reporting steps/km totals correctly.

(Topic created on: 11-09-2022 11:37 AM)

When I look in different areas of the health app, I'm getting different, sometimes wildly different values for steps and km walked over the month. There are a few different ways I can find steps/km info. Importantly, if I add up the steps and km from each day in the steps counter (click on steps front page) the total is way, way more than any of the other totals that I've been using.

Here's a summary of totals given by different app paths...

* View history / walking / graph
       Sep 19,760 steps, 15.76 km

* View history / walking / graph / scroll down to see recent walking
        Sep 18,849 steps, 14.99 km

* View history / walking / calendar
        Sep <no steps reported> 15.76km

* Steps / manually add up daily steps & km. 
        Sep 55,818 steps, 43.38km

So, the app doesn't actually offer any way to see what I'm walking over time. It completely ignores most of my walking! There are so many different ways to view the same data, and yet they are mostly wrong!

The View history pages is just completely unreliable. And the only way I can keep track of what I'm doing is to manually copy values from the steps page into another app such as excel.

And the app will sometimes just leave out a session in particular pages. So Recent Walking shows 2 sessions on September 1st (806 steps + 2,359 steps). But it doesn't show a 3rd session that was recorded on that day and that is evident in View History / Walking / Calendar. And that is beside the fact that history is completely missing 2.64km that I walked that day, that is evident on the Steps page, by looking through the days bar graph.


Just checked August - I had recorded that I'd done 23.6 km walking in August. I got that value from the history page. When I use excel to add up the daily values from the Steps page I got 98 km. Again, the history is really wrong!

Maybe the Health app developers have a different idea of what history means?